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Q:1 Which is the best way to travel with a family?
Q.2 Is it unsafe to hire private vehicles on a tour?
Q:3 Why is it advisable to book hotel room in advance?
Q:4 Touts are so helpful & save so much of bother & trouble?
Q:5 What can one do if the bag gets locked & one can't open it?
Q:6 How do robbers/theives come to understand that a house is empty?
Q:7 So what other precautions must one follow in order to stop burglars from noticing your locked door?
Q:8 Which is the best way of planning a trip, so that it is enjoyable?
Q:9 We have heard of dreadful things like bags being robbed in trains, or slashed
Q:10 How can one choose the best place to buy tickets, or packages, or any other travel accessories?
Q:11 What are the formalities or documents necessary for doing one's own passport?
Q:12 What happens if it has not arrived even after 3 months?
Q:13 What it my passport has expired or lost?
Q:14 Does a minor have to be included in either of parents passport only?
Q:15 Is a visa needed to vist India? how is it available?
Q:16 What is needed for the application of visas?
Q:17 What are the types of visas?


Usually, a multi-entry visa, valid for a period of 180 days, is granted for the purpose of tourism. The visa is valid from the date of issue.

Q:18 What is the type of visa preferred?
Q:19 What do we do in case of a visa extension?
Q:20 Where can one do visa renewals?
Q:21 What happens if you stay beyond the permitted 90 days of your visa?
Q:22 What are special permits?



Q:23 What are the basic documents one must carry while travelling?
Q:24 What about Currency Exchange forms?
Q:25 Do we need them?
Q:26 Which is the best foreign currency or travellers cheques that one must go for?
Q:27 Travellers cheque are such a hassel to carry. What to do?
Q:28 What happens to those run out of money visiting India?
Q:29 What would be tha approximate cost of touring India?
Q:30 What do most travellers prefer?



Q:31 How is the postal service in India?
Q:32 Are the Telephones services as bad as reputed?
Q:33 And Telex services?
Q:34 What are the Time difference from India?
Q:35 What are the business hours kept in India?



Q:36 Which papers are worth their news?
Q:37 Are Magazines of India upto International Standards?
Q:38 What are the gossipy & filmy magazines?
Q:39 What about Radio?
Q:40 Why is T.V so preferred?



Q:41 Is it true that Indians are genuine sport lovers?
Hear a lot about rivalry bet India & Pakistan even in cricket?



Q:43 Why is a Medical kit a must on trips?
Q:44 Are vaccinations important?
Q:45 Is cholera a cause of worry?
Q:46 What about Typhoid?
Q:47 Is polio a cause of insanitation?
Q:48 What are the other vaccinatins to be considered?
Q:49 Has India caught up the Aids virus? Which place today is free of this danger?
Q:50 Is Travel Insurance a must?
Q:51 What are the standards of Hospitals in India?
Q:52 Malaria is still dreaded?
Q:53 What medicines are good for innoculation against Malaria?
Q:54 What about children travelling with families?
Q:55 The Disease rabies is still prevelant in India?
Q:56 Are there any medicines or vaccines for rabies?
Q:57 Is it true that many visitors has stomach problems?
Q:58 Why do one get it & how to use it?
Q:59 How are diarrhoea & dysentry different?
Q:60 Is there something called as the hot season health?
Q:61 What other general thoughts on offer?
Q:62 What about women Travellers to India ?
Q:63 Is theft a common problem?
Q:64 What can one do inface of stolen travellers cheques?



Q:65 Who is a tourist according to the Indian customs?
Q:66 What are the customs formalities & regulations of india?
Q:67 What are the currency regulations?
Q:68 What are the Arrival formalities in India ?
Q:69 What are the departure formalities?
Q:70 How much is the foreign travel tax applicable?
Q:71 Which are the items not allowed duty free ?
Q:72 What are the rules for payments of duty?
Q:73 How can one obtain duplicate Passport?
Q:74 What is an emergency certificate?
Q:75 What is the procedure for the Endorsement of child's name?
Q:76 How can one show a change of first name/full name?
Q:77 How can one do a change to married name?
Q:78 What are the documents for attestation?
Q:79 What are the things to buy in India?
Q:80 Where & how can one obtain forms?