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Aruba - Political Flags

Last modified: 2002-10-05 by dov gutterman
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Other parties:
- Aruban People's Party/Christian Democracy (Arubaanse Volkspartij/Democracia Cristiana - AVP/DC)
- Aruban Liberal Organization (Organisatie Liberaal Arubaanse / Organisacion Liberal Arubano / Organisashion pa Liberashou di Aruba - OLA)
- National Democratic Action (National Democratische Actie - NDA / Accion Democratico Nacional - ADN)
- Aruban Patriotic Party (Arubaanse Patriottische Partij - APP / Partido Patri?tico Arubano - PPA)
- New Patriotic Party (Partido Patri?tico Nobo - PPN)
- Aruban Democratic Party (Democratische Arubaanse Partij - DAP / Partido Democratico Arubano - PDA)
- Democratic Action 1986 (Accion Democratico 86 - AD 86)

Elections of 1994:
AVP/CD: 10 seats, MEP: 9 seats; OLA: 2 seats.
Elections of 1997:
AVP/CD: 10 seats, MEP: 9 seats; OLA: 2 seats.
Sources: Political Handbook of the World 1997, Der Fischer Weltalmanach 2001
Jarig Bakker, 5 November 2001

AVP - Arubaanse Volkspartij/Partido di Pueplo Arubano (Aruban People's Party)

by Ivan Sache, 8 March 2002

Arubaanse Volkspartij/Partido di Pueplo Arubano (Aruban People's Party, christian-democratic). The party flag is white anchor on green can be seen at: <>, <>, <> and < copy.jpg>.
Another flag (previous ?) with party initils in B/W photo at <>.
Dov Gutterman, 14 Febuary 2002

The party flag is shown on several images on the website. It is a rather dark green flag with a white anchor, which seems to be offset to the upper edge of the flag.
Ivan Sache, 8 March 2002

MEP - Movimento Electoral di Pueblo

by Jorge Candeias, 3 May 1999

by Jaume Olle', 14 October 2001

by Jorge Candeias, 3 May 1999

One of Aruba parties - MEP - got at least three kindes of flags. Those flags can be seen in a photo at: <>
Dov Gutterman, 3 March 1999

I saw 3 different flags, if I'm not mistaken. The accuracy is below average, but it was the best I could do with the source. The name of this party is in Papiamento, a local creole language, based in portuguese with a heavy spanish influence and some dutch stuff too.
Jorge Candeias, 3 May 1999

The white thing on flag no. 3 is a map of the island.
Mark Sensen, 4 May 1999

People's Electoral Movement (Movemento Electoral di Pueblo - MEP). Founded in 1971 and a member of the Socialist International, the MEP was in the forefront of the stuggle for self-government. It won a plurality of ten Staten seats in 1989, two of which were lost in 1993, but was able to form a coalition with the NDA and APP, prior to the withdrawal of both in April 1994. Note: The language spoken on the Dutch Antilles is Papiamento, not Spanish.
Jarig Bakker, 5 November 2001

Previous Flag

by Jaume Olle', 14 October 2001

Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo- white at first, later changed background to yellow.
Jaume Olle', 14 October 2001


by Jaume Olle', 14 October 2001

Not found - nearly all parties were formed by MEP-dissidents. I have been searching the web; there is a page with Aruban political parties (<>), with several party-links - no RUBA.
Jarig Bakker, 5 November 2001

I just graduated in Contemporary History and specialized in Aruban history, in which an important role is played by the RUBA political party in secedeing from Curaçao in 1977. The RUBA split from the MEP (Movimiento Electoral di Pueblo) of Betico Croes; RUBA means: "United Reformers for the Wellbeing of Aruba", however the abbreviation is more telling than the official name: RUBA means: Aruba and is very often used in Aruban Papiamento. Other parties use the same strategem. In Bonaire the pary 'PABOSO' is officially 'Partido Boneiriano Social', but 'Pa boso' means 'for you'. "MEP" has the same meaning in Papiamento as in Dutch: a slap, a punch, and the party wanted to punch the powers-that-be. The small Aruban party CLA owes its name to the Papiamento word for 'like this!'
At the start of 1977 the MEP, which had gained an absolute majority in the Island Council (IC) in 1975, got restless. The second in command, Edgar Joaquin 'Watty' Vos, quarrelled with the uncontested leader, Netica Croes. With two other rebels Vos founded the RUBA. The political history of the RUBA is rather uneventful. In 1977 it didn't gain a seat in the IC, and in 1979 it gained only two seats. It was hindered by the resurgence by the old AVP (Aruban People's party) in the early 1980's under the leadership of Henny Eman jr. In 1983 the RUBA joined the AVP, and Vos played an important part in the party; he was Secretary of Public Works in three cabinets headed by Eman.
Color: RUBA's was blue, which explains the color of the flag. The star was picked from the island-flag, which had been adopted by the IC in 1976 (More info about how the flag came into being can be gotten from Whitney Smith from the 'Flag Research Center')."
Erik Haverkort (Translated by Jarig Bakker), 27 September 2002

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