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Miscellaneous flags, Czechoslovakia

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Flags reported

In issue 27 of Vexilologie I found several flags from Czechoslovakia. They are drawn and labelled, but I can't understand the captions.
1) Plain flag with letters ROH in canton, labelled Revolucni Odborove Hnuti.
2) Plain flag with letters SSM in canton (forming a slighty half circle), labelled Socialisticky Svaz Mladeze (Socialist Youth Union).
3) Flag in Chilean pattern with emblem in canton, labelled Ceskoslovensky Svaz Telesne Vychovy (Physical Education (Training) Union).
4) Plain flag with emblem in canton (emblem with ltetters Svazarm), labelled Svaz pro spoluoraci s armadou (Union for Cooperation with Army).
5) Flag with three horizontal stripes 3:1:4 with emblem in the small stripe and 1/4 in upper and 1/4 in lower stripe, near hoist, labelled Svaz Pozarni Ochrany CSSR (Union of Fire Departments of CSSR).
6) Bicolor flag with star in centre labelled: ceskoslovenska plavba Labsko Oderska (s bilym hornim pruhem) Osobni Lodni Doprava Dp. Hl. Mesta Prahy (se zlutym hornim pruhem) (Czechoslovakian Shipping on Laba (Elbe) and Odra (Oder) river (with white ......?) The Capital of  Prague Passenger Shipping (with yellow...?)
7) Three Horizontal stripes (3:1:1). In the upper stripe a anchor and each side of the anchor letter "CS" and "PD", labelled Ceskoslovenska Plavba Dunajska (Czechoslovakian Shipping on Dunaj (Danube) river).
8) Flag with circle and within the circle a Star that touch the border of the circle, labelled Ceskoslovenska Namorni Plavba (Czechoslovakian seafaring).
Anyone can identify them, or provide translation of the captions?
Jaume Ollé, 14 Oct 1998; translation by Ivan Sarajcic, 15 Mar 1999.

Generally, these organizations and flags do not exist at present.
Jan Zrzavy, 17 Oct 1998.

Early Czech flags

There is an excellent publication on Czech flags of the early period published by the Czech Deptartment/Ministry of Defense (Army) in Prague in Czech and English showing many of the early flags.  Perhaps our recent Czech member can help people who are interested. I go mine through a Czech friend who went to the ministry.
ART, 26 Apr 2000

Česká Posta flag

[Ceska Posta flag] image  by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 2 Jan 2002, after image sent by  István Molnár, 13 Jul 2001

Česká Posta logo

[Ceská Posta logo] image sent by István Molnár, 13 Jul 2001

Czech Hussite Church flag

[Czech Hussite Church flag] by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 3 Jan 2002, after image sent by István Molnár, 13 Jul 2001

Flag of the Czech Hussita Church (??) in the St. Nicolaus Church, Prague, 7 July 2001
István Molnár, 13 Jul 2001

Valachian Kingdom flag

[Valachian Kingdom flag] image from this webpage.

On this webpage are a lot of items for sale, connected to the "Wallachian kingdom", (Valašského království), amongst which a flag.

From this webpage:
"You will find the Wallachian Kingdom in the old good Europe, in the Czech Republic, in the region of east Moravia. Just climb the memorable mountain Radhošt and you will see it all. On the east side, the kingdom borders with Slovakia. Just take a walk on the ridge of Javorníky and White Carpathian Mountains, this is the border. On the north, the kingdom neighbours with Lachia and their towns of Frýdek-Místek, Nový Jičín and Příbor. Westwards the mountains gradually recede, and behind the town of Hostýn they meet a rich neighbour - region of Haná. On the south, nearby the towns Zlín, Vizovice and villages surrounding Slavičín, are the neighbours of Wallachians - Moravian Slovaks and Luhačovické Zálesí. That´s the way it is!"

This is a tourist's item, of course, but widely used on Czech (and even Slovak) pages.
Jarig Bakker, 19 Jun 2002

The Valachian Kingdom is a joke by a clown, theatre and movie actor Bolek Polivka and his friends.
Vladimir Henzlik, 3 Dec 2002

Maybe so - but if a guy is travelling all the way from Czechia to Scott Base (New Zealand base in Antarctica) in order to unfold that flag at 77o South it's not a bad one - see this website <brrrr>
Jarig Bakker, 3 Dec 2002

Valachian Kingdom CoA

[Valachian Kingdom CoA] image from this webpage, reported by Jarig Bakker, 19 Jun 2002

Other World Kingdom flag

[Other World Kingdom flag] by  António Martins-Tuvalkin, 16 Oct 1998

One particular site dragged my attention, for its vexillological significance. It was a czech resort of exotic tourism for Dominas and their male slaves, significantly called "Other World Kingdom". In it's pages one could see the organization's COA and a quite distinct flag -- the latter in photographs showing indoor and outdoor scenes.
The coa is per bend purple and azure, a pair of handcuffs and a whip, the mantling azure, royal crown or, closed with four stemms and burning inside; motto "WOMEN OVER MAN" in sable fraktur capitals on a scroll or of three foldings.
The flag is 2:3 per saltire blue and red, an ogival eschuteon over all, white lined black with large thin Venus symbol in black.
António Martins-Tuvalkin, 16 Oct 1998