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National Socialist Motor Corps (NSDAP, Germany)

Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps, NSKK

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Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps (NSKK) was the paramilitary Nazi motor corps. It was created by the merger of the Nationalsozialistischen Automobil Korps (NSAK) and the Motor-SA (MSA).

Marcus Wendel, 1999

NSKK Regimental Standard

NSKK Standarte

[NSKK Regimental Standard (NSDAP, Germany)]
NSKK Regiment 86 / NSKK-Motorstandarte 86
by Jaume Ollé

Like the SA Cavalry Regiment Standard but with "Sturmabteilung" slightly higher and the diamond-shaped NSKK insignia below it. Rectangle [on the canton] is brown [not black as in the image].

Norman Martin, February 1998

Variant or standard of a certain unit?
[NSKK Regimental Standard (NSDAP, Germany), variant?]
by Jaume Ollé

NSKK Company Pennant

NSKK Motorsturmstander

[NSKK Company Pennant (NSDAP, Germany)] 3:5      [NSKK Company Pennant (NSDAP, Germany)]
both by Jaume Ollé

NSKK Car and Motorcycle Pennant

NSKK Wagen- und Motorradwimpel

[NSKK Car Pennant (NSDAP, Germany)] 3:5      [NSKK Car Pennant (NSDAP, Germany)] 3:5
both by Jaume Ollé

NSKK House Flag

Hausfahne NSKK

[NSKK House Flag (NSDAP, Germany)] 3:5
by Jaume Ollé

German Automobile Club

Der Deutsche Automobil-Club e.V.

I have a Nazi flag from World War Two which I do not know what it is. It is a small pennant with a red cross running vertically and horizontally in red with a black outline surrounding the cross. Furthermore there is some sort of eagle emblem sown on it inside of a circle. The eagle's feet are standing on top of a swastika which is embroidered inside of another circle. The circle it is in is red on the edges of the circle. The eagle logo is black and on it chest it has 4 letters across it. The four letters are these D.D.A.C. do you know what they mean? The circle that contains the eagle that is standing on a swastika that is circled in red is in the middled of the cross where the vertical and horizontal line meet.

Tom, 2 February 2001

Apparently D.D.A.C. was (maybe still is) Der Deutsche Automobil-Club so maybe this is their Third Reich pennant.

Santiago Dotor, 6 February 2001

It does sound a bit like the fanions or pennants automobile clubs used to have when motoring was still an élite affair. I am not sure whether there is still a DDAC, but the Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil Club appears to be the main organisation for car owners nowadays. I believe Tom's description means:

A [white?] pennant, with a [centered?] red cross outlined in black, with centered on the cross a [white?] circle with a red border. Inside the circle a black eagle with across its chest the letters 'D.D.A.C.' [what colour? including the dots?], 'standing' on a red ring with a [black? straight or rotated?] swastika inside it.

Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 8 February 2001

The description sounds indeed like the pennant used by the DDAC (Der Deutsche Automobil-Club e.V.). It was founded in 1933 to get control over all the various national car associations that existed in Germany at that time.

Marcus Wendel, 10 February 2001

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