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House Flags of Spanish Shipping Companies

Last modified: 2002-07-05 by santiago dotor
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Naviera Armas

[Naviera Armas (Spain)]
by José Manuel Erbez

Herewith I send the flag of Naviera Armas, a shipping company which operates in between the Canary Islands. As it usually happens, it is currently used more frequently as a logo than as an actual flag.

José Manuel Erbez, 29 November 1999

Berge Marítima S.A.

[Berge Marítima S.A. (Spain)]
The circle is actually an oval, see text
by Jorge Candeias

Berge Maritima S.A. is a Spanish maritime company, houseflag here.

Dov Gutterman, 1 February 1999

Berge Marítima S.A. - Very dark blue with a red circle slightly shifted to the hoist. In the original drawing, the circle was an oval, but I assumed that was an effect of perspective.

Jorge Candeias, 6 February 1999

Jose María Puerta, systems administrator at Berge Marítima S.A. e-mailed me saying, "Pues efectivamente se trata de un óvalo y no de un círculo", that is, "Indeed it is an oval and not a circle".

Santiago Dotor, 3 September 1999

Flebasa Lines

[Flebasa Lines (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

Flebasa Lines houseflag here.

Dov Gutterman, 18 February 1999

Flebasa Lines: a triangular flag horizontally divided black over dark red charged with a thick italic "F".

Jorge Candeias, 26 February 1999

Francisco García S.A.

[Francisco García S.A. (Spain)]
by Phil Nelson

Based in Santander. Source: Stewart and Styring 1963, no. 436. It has similarities, at least in my opinion, to Severn Shipping Co. Ltd. (Bristol, Great Britain) and Taiyo Kaiun K.K. (Kobe, Japan).

Phil Nelson, 28 April 2000

Fred Olsen S.A.

[Fred Olsen S.A. (Spain)]
by António Martins

Fred Olsen S.A.: version of the Norwegian Fred Olsen in red and yellow.

Jorge Candeias, 8 February 1999

Marchartering S.L.

[Marchartering S.L. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

Marchartering houseflag here.

Dov Gutterman, 20 February 1999

Light blue with a white zigzag stripe along the centre.

Jorge Candeias, 6 March 1999

Naviera Murueta S.A.

[Naviera Murueta S.A. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

The houseflag of Naviera Murueta S.A., a Spanish maritime company based in Bilbao.

Dov Gutterman, 29 January 1999

Naviera Murueta S.A. - talking of Spain... a 5 striped red and white flag with a central white square panel charged with "N/M", the letters in red and the bar in blue, all in dark tones.

Jorge Candeias, 14 February 1999

Navicon S.A.

Grupo Transmediterranea S.A.

[Navicon S.A. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

Dov Gutterman reported Navicon: a triangular flag, horizontally "striped" in white-gold-white triangles. A white disc shifted to the hoist, charged with a black "N" in a circular font.

Jorge Candeias, 21 March 1999

Pérez y Cía

[Pérez y Cía (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

Pérez y Cía houseflag here.

Dov Gutterman, 23 February 1999

White-red-white horizontal triband with a black "P" in the canton and a black "C" in lower fly.

Jorge Candeias, 10 March 1999

Naviera Pinillos

[Naviera Pinillos (Spain)]
by José Manuel Erbez

The flag of Naviera Pinillos, a shipping company which operates in the Canary Islands.

José Manuel Erbez, 16 December 1999

Agencia Marítima Portillo S.A.

[Agencia Marítima Portillo S.A. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

A usual design with unusual colours: light brown field with a golden saltire fimbriated black with a white disc bordered black in the center, charged with a black "P".

Jorge Candeias, 4 April 1999

Vapores Suardiaz S.A.

[Vapores Suardiaz S.A. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

Vapores Suardiaz houseflag here.

Dov Gutterman, 22 February 1999

A triangular flag, white with a dark red border all around and a dark red disc at the hoist charged with a white 6-pointed star, in turn charged with the letters "RS" (probably - the original image was too small to be sure) forming a circle.

Jorge Candeias, 13 March 1999

Transcoma Nor S.A.

[Transcoma Nor S.A. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

White with a dull blue disc centered.

Jorge Candeias, 31 March 1999

Transmediterranea S.A.

[Transmediterranea S.A. (Spain)]
by Jorge Candeias

Transmediterranea is the best known of Spanish shipping companies, current logo here.

Santiago Dotor, 25 February 1999

A triangular flag, red, with a white border all around and a white disc at the hoist charged with the overlapping letters T and C in red. I never got to understand if this is the old flag or is still used.

Jorge Candeias, 14 March 1999

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