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Star Trek

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[Star Trek flag]
image by Zeljko Heimer

The Star Trek Federation of Planets appears to use something closely based on the UN flag.

Stuart Notholt, 15 November 1995

The gif I got originally had black background, but I changed it to 'deep blue' (but I am ready to correct it if I am wrong). We were discussing once that black flags might be expected when mankind start to colonize outer space, as analogon to blue flags connected with maritime countries. I must say that this flag with black background looks to me much more apropriate then blue one.

Zeljko Heimer, May 1996

A recent episode of Deep Space Nine showed a flag in a courtroom situation which included the words "United Federation of Planets" along the bottom. One would think that being one of the three major powers in this quadrant of the galaxy would keep them from feeling compelled to write their name on the flag as well.

It's not a bad theory [black vs. blue], but given that Star Trek retains a lot of ties to naval concepts, I'm not so sure how much they'd change. Also, black flags seem to have an association with piracy or death -- I don't know if this prejudice might have disappeared in a couple of centuries.

Also shown in that episode of DS9 was a yellow flag, of Starfleet, which is the semi-military organization of the Federation charged with the duty of defence, exploration, and assistance. As far as I could tell is had the Starfleet insignia in the middle on a yellow field, yes, with the words Starfleet along the bottom.

Dipesh Navsaria, 9 June 1996

Star Trek is easy, they even give you the colors and exact dimensions in the Star Fleet Technical Manual. Flags were given for several star systems, my favorite being the Star Empire of Epsilon Eridani.
Alexander Justice, 14 November 1995

The United Federation of Planets flag has appeared only a handful of times. It appears in two slight variants in the early films: In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, one is seen hanging in the Enterprise's Recreation Room. In Star Trek II, the exact same flag (or perhaps a slight variant) is placed over Spock's casket at the film. On both occasions, the flag is a royal blue with a propotionally small Fedeation seal centered and no words (it may contain the letters UFP, however.) The Great Seal of the United Federation of Planets was modified somewhat for use in the more recent TV series (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager). It would appear the DS9 guys decided to do a flag towards the end of that show's fifth season, inspired quite a bit more heavily by that of the UN. The flag is slightly lighter and the newer seal is used, filling up about as much of the flag as the UN seal does. Running across most the bottom are the Words "UNITED FEDERATION of P! LANETS" all in caps except "of." The font looks remarkably similar toTimes New Roman, although since the Trek art dept. are ardent Mac users, this may not be the case. That flag was reused on that show numerous times since then, especially over caskets during the war with the Dominion that filled up the end of the show's run. The only time it has been shown flying was briefly in the episode "Take Me Out the Holosuite," pictured at:

There's some good casket shots of it at that site, too.
Tom Aylward-Nally 19 December 1999

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Santiago Dotor

According to the Star Fleet Technical Manual TM:379260, Technical Order TO:00:02:00, the United Federation of Planets (UFP) has not a flag but a 'banner' - this must be a term of the future since the picture shows what I'd call an oriflamme. It is red, with 13 stars (5+2+2+2+2) and the letters UFP in silver. Official colours are Starfleet Uniform Colours red Nº SF10UC and silver Nº SF01UC.
Santiago Dotor, 16 octobre 2000

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Santiago Dotor

Apparently, in a later date to SD7512.31, after the Grand Alliance with the Klingon Empire according to Chris, the UFP adopted a new flag -not a banner this time.
Santiago Dotor, 16 octobre 2000


[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by André Courtanche

A fictional flag from the Star Trek Next Generation TV series was the 52 Star US flag. The set designers wanted a flag from the viewer's future, and was concerned that people with VCRs would stop and count the stars. What I noticed about the flag (without stoping the tape) was that the blue canton rested on a red stripe instead of a white one.

R. Nathan Bliss, 19 February 1996

The Star Empire of Epsilon Indii

[Star Trek, Next Generation flag]
by Santiago Dotor

The Star Empire of Epsilon Indii has a nice squarely-swallowtailed flag the natives call 'standard'.
Santiago Dotor, 16 octobre 2000

The Klingon Empire

[Klingon flag version 1]
by António Martins

[Klingon flag version 2]
by António Martins

2 variants of the flag used by the klingon empire