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Somogy County (Hungary)

Somogy Megye

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by Antonio Martins, 17 March 2001

by Zoltan Horvath, 26 Febuary 2001

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City (not part of the county):


  • Balatonboglár
  • Balatonföldvár
  • Balatonlelle
  • Barcs
  • Csurgó
  • Fonyód
  • Lengyeltóti
  • Marcali
  • Nagyatád
  • Siófok
  • Tab
  • Other Municipalities:

    The County Flag

    Somogy county county doesn't use a plain green flag with arms, but its flag is green and yellow. I have only the vertical version.
    Zoltan Horvath, 26 Febuary 2001

    Res. No. 9/1992.(V.21.) of Somogy County about the flag and the Coat of Arms at (in Hungarian) The county have a horizontal green-yellow flag and on the center there is the CoA of the county.
    István Molnár, 7 March 2001

    Based on the Res. No. 9/1992 (V.21.) of the General Assembly of Somogy County, the county use the original CoA from 1498 given by King Vladislas II.. The three edges of the ceremonical flag (both of the horizontal and the vertical version) is fringed (gold)
    István Molnár, 14 March 2001

    Here is my translation (I'll be using the abbreviation SS. or ss. in place of the "section" symbol):
    "The Grand Assembly of the County of Somogy Number 9/1992. (V.21) - Decree About the County of Somogy's Symbols, and Their Use
    Symbols of the County of Somogy
    The County's official symbols are the arms, the ceremonial flag, the ceremonial banner, the presidential medal, the presidential shoulder-ribbon, and the badge.
    The Flag and Banner of the County of Somogy
    (1)The flag of the County of Somogy is 3:2 horizontally, rectangular. Upper field is green -RAL shade 6017- below, identically wide, yellow-RAL shade 1003-.  Both are to be such coloured material.  On which, measured one-third in from the staff, parallel with the staff's longitudinal axis, is the County's CoA.
    (2)The banner of the County of Somogy is 3:2 vertically, rectangular. Its left side is to be green -RAL shade 6017-, the right side yellow-RAL shade 1003-.  Both are to be of such coloured material.  In the centre is the CoA, under the CoA, in a semi-circle, is to be inscribed "Somogy megye".
    (3)The edges of the flag and banner are to be fringed golden, the free corners decorated with acorned [? ] ("makkos") tassels.
    (4)[Says that the flag is appendix 1, the banner is appendix 2] One example of the flag and banner are to be prepared.
    (5)The specimens of the flag and banner to be used are to be prepared as specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), but must be made without the decorations specified in paragraph (3).  The reverse of the flag and banner is to be a mirror image of the obverse.
    Limits of the Use of the Symbols
    (1)The symbols are to be used as regulated in SS.11, or for decorative purposes, as the case may be, but only in a way as to not violate the precedence of the symbols of the state of the Republic of Hungary.
    (3)The use of the flag of the county does not replace the need for the use of the flag of the Republic of Hungary.
    (1)The COA is displayed a/ on the county's flag and banner
    (1)The county's flag must be displayed at all General Assembly meetings; between meetings it is to be diplayed prominently in the General Assembly's president's official premises.
    (2)The county banner must be raised before the Conty House on national and state holidays, during General Assembly meetings, international receptions, and other special occasions.
    (3)The county's flag and banner are to be used:
    a/ on self-government organs, institutions, headquarters of smallholders' organs, for national holidays, other celebrations, on the occasion of programmes.
    b/ between settlements for intra- and extracounty relations. [The original statement reads "települések közötti bel- és külföldi kapcsolatokban" ]
    c/ as an exchange flag
    (4)The use of the flag and banner other than as specified in paragraph (3) is prohibited.
    Mode of Usage of the Symbols
    (1)The symbols may be used only in proper proportions, with faithfully represented designs, and proper colours.  Poor quality or the use of supplementary symbols in the interest of authenticity is prohibited. The CoA of the county may still be used without the so-called "scraps/shredds/rags" [ The word in the original is "foszlányok"]
    Offences may be fined up to 10,000 HuF for
    (a) use of the symbols without permission
    (b)use of the symbols beyond what was permitted
    (c)contravening or evading the laws set down about the symbols
    Georges G. Kovari, 24 March 2001

    Flag in Use

    by István Molnár, 27 August 2001

    Flying flag at the Conquest Statue, Opusztaszer NHP. Ratio: 3:1. The width of the CoA is the 1/3 of the width of the flag. The CoAs is on the 1/3 of the flag's height. The inscription is gold.
    István Molnár, 27 August 2001

    Previously Reported Flag

    by Zeljko Heimer

    Ratio: 2:3. Adopted: Unknown. Capital: Kaposvár.
    The arms are the same as of former (A-H) county of Somogy (Sümeg),
    Zeljko Heimer - from FAME

    Sümeg is not correct. Somogy County in German is "Komitat Schomodei" and in Latin "Comitatus Simighiensis".
    István Molnár, 20 August 2000

    Coat of Arms

    by Antonio Martins, 19 March 2001

    Municipalities Coat of Arms

    Andocs village -
    Babócsa village -
    Bábonymegyer village -
    Balatonberény village - and
    Balatonendréd village -
    Balatonfenyves village - and
    Balatonkeresztúr village - and
    Balatonmáriafürdő village - and
    Balatonszárszó village - and
    Balatonszemes village - and
    Balatonszentgyörgy village (St. George) - and
    Bárdudvarnok village -
    Beleg village -
    Berzence village -
    Böhönye village -
    Bőszénfa village -
    Buzsák village -
    Cserénfa village -
    Csurgónagymarton village -
    Edde village -
    Gadány village -
    Gamás village -
    Gyékényes village -
    Gyugy village -
    Háromfa village -
    Hedrehely village -
    Hetes village -
    Homokszentgyörgy village (St. George) -
    Hosszúvíz village -
    Igal village -
    Iharosberény village -
    Kadarkút village -
    Kaposfő village -
    Kaposgyarmat village -
    Kaposmérő village -
    Karád village -
    Kelevíz village -
    Kisasszond village -
    Kiskorpád village -
    Kőröshegy village -
    Kötcse village -
    Lábod village -
    Merenye village -
    Mike village -
    Nagybajom village -
    Nagyberény village -
    Nagyszakács village -
    Nemesvid village -
    Orci village -
    Öreglak village -
    Osztopán village -
    Ötvöskónyi village -
    Pamuk village -
    Pusztakovácsi village -
    Rinyaszentkirály village -
    Ságvár village -
    Segesd village -
    Som village -
    Somogydöröcske village -
    Somogyszentpál village -
    Somogyszil village -
    Somogytúr village -
    Somogyudvar village -
    Somogyvár village -
    Szántód village - and
    Szenna village -
    Szenta village -
    Szentgáloskér village -
    Szólád village -
    Szőlősgyörök village -
    Tapsony village -
    Tarany village -
    Táska village -
    Várda village -
    Vése village -
    Visz village -
    Vízvár village -
    Zákány village -
    Zselickisfalud village -
    István Molnár, 4 March 2001

    Flag of the Noble Army of Somogy County (1790)

    from , located by István Molnár, 3 January 2002

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