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Italy - Houseflags of Italian Maritime Companies (A - F)

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Adriatica di Navigazione

by Jorge Candeias, 5 Febuary 1999

A white-red vertical bicolour with the lion of St. Marcus centered.
Jorge Candeias, 5 Febuary 1999

The flag of this maritime company based in Venice , Italy (as can see also from its flag) is based on (defunct) and can be seen here.
Dov Gutterman , 16 January 1999

Formed 1932 by the merger of several companies as Compagnia di Navigazione Adriatica with subsequent changes leading to the current title of Adriatica di Navigazione S.p.A.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003

Attilio Milesi, Fu Pietro

by Ivan Sache, 9 September 1997

C.B.I. Navi spa

by Jorge Candeias, 1 April 1999

A sort of a non-swallowtailed burgee, red, with dark blue stripes along the top and bottom edges and a yellow logo shifted to the hoist, consisting of the overlapping letters "N" and "C".
Jorge Candeias, 1 April 1999

Coeclerici Group

by Jorge Candeias, 7 Febuary 1999

White with two blue horizontal stripes along the upper and lower edges and the red logo shifted to the hoist. The logo is a pair of "C"s limited above and below by horizontal bars.
Jorge Candeias, 7 Febuary 1999

A real flag from from: <> can be seen here.
Dov Gutterman, 27 January 1999

Originated in 1909 from the partnership of Henry Coe and Alfonso Clerici Sr. beginning shipowning in 1912. In 1985 they operated through the newly formed subsidiary of Bulkitalia S.p.A. which merged in 1994 with Fermar S.p.A. to form Coeclerici Armatori S.p.A.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003


by Paul, 25 December 2002

Name: "Corrado," Societa di Navigazione.
Circa: early 1950s.
Source: Flags, Funnels and Hull Colours by Colin Stewart c.1956.
Note: Due to 4-color printing, exact shades are difficult to determine.
Paul, 25 December 2002

"Corrado" SocietÓ di Navigazione. Formed 1927 and operated until c.mid 1970s.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003


by Jorge Candeias, 2 Febuary 1999

A black and light blue compass-card ornamented in the top with what looks like a couple of joysticks (?) on a yellow field.
Jorge Candeias, 2 Febuary 1999

d'Amico SocietÓ di Navigazione S.p.A. formed 1952 by 2 of the brothers from Fratelli d'Amico. This flag is shown as a logo on the company website and I have recorded it from a paper ad in 1977. It, or a simpler variation, is also shown as the emblem on the funnels but according to Brown (1958, 1982 and 1995) the flag is yellow with a narrow blue bend.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003


by Jorge Candeias

The logo is a drawing like this flag.
Jorge Candeias, 30 Jan 1998

According to InfoMare the only company to fit the flag is Eagle Containers co. of La-Spezia , Italy..
Dov Gutterman
, 15 January 1999


by Jorge Candeias, 4 March 1999

White with a logo centered, consisting of a greyish blue "E" to the left with the central bar crossing a green globe-like device and ending in an arrow-point.
Jorge Candeias, 4 March 1999

Full name Euroceanica Investments B.V. and from their phone number the company is Swiss being based Geneva They appear to be more of an investment company rather than shipping being linked with Rimorchiatori Riuniti S.p.A.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003


by Jorge Candeias, 31 March 1999

A triangular flag with the tip cutted out (is there a specific name for this shape?). White with a dark red cross and the black initials "RR" in the first quarter.
Jorge Candeias, 31 March 1999

The "RR" on the flag presumably comes from the Rimorchiatori Riuniti S.p.A. connection of which it is a subsidiary, operating the offshore vessels and deep sea tugs of the group, the full name being Finarge-Armamento Genovese S.r.l. Genovese S.p.A. I have doubts about whether the pennant has a square point. The company website image does look like it but as it is small and also depicts a waving flying flag, a false impression may have resulted.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003

Fratelli Cosulich

by Jorge Candeias, 10 Febuary 1999

9 red and yellow horizontal stripes with two vertical tripes at the hoist in opposite colour. I'm not sure about the yellow, since the original image had a black transparent colour, making the flag together with the background. Please correct if wrong. It's a very Bremen-like flag for an italian company, isn't it?
Jorge Candeias, 4 Febuary 1999

My impression is that it was red and white.
Al Fisher, 4 Febuary 1999

Following Al's information, I turned the yellow into white. Now, this is a Bremen flag I find it weird.
Jorge Candeias, 10 Febuary 1999

The flag can be seen at the company site: <>
Dov Gutterman, 20 January 1999

The corrected colors - red and white, are the right ones.  Iti s not Bremen colors but Austrian. Cosulich started its life as Austro-American under the Habsburgs and only became Italian by the stroke of a pen in 1919 when Trieste went to Italy after WWI and Austria lost her seacoast.
Charles Dragonette, 10 July 2000

Originated 1857 and in 1903 formed SocietÓ Anonima Unione Austriaca di Navigizione ,also known as the Austro-Americana Line, being Austrian at this point. The flag is uncertain being shown by Lloyds 1904 and 1912 with the hoist similar to the flag above except the numbers of bands in the hoist "check" is shown as 12 whilst Reed 1912 only shows 10 and Bonsor in the North Atlantic Seaway makes no mention at all of this design, with the main field consisting of 8 narrower horizontal bands in 2 groups of 4 of red-white in chief and white-red in base with the groups separated by a wider band taking about 1/3 the flag and consisting of diagonal quarters of red-white with the white quarters each bearing a black "A". Again Bonsor varies by having the two groups each of 3 red and 3 white (and does not clarify whether the lower group has red on the base or white) and gives the letters as being red. After WW1 on becoming part of Italy the company became "Cosulich" SocietÓ Triestina di Navigazione in 1919 with a change in the flag with the hoist "checks" done away with and the central band becoming a diagonal quarter of green-white with the black letters becoming  "C" and "L". In 1/1932 it was merged into Italia Flotte Riunite. In 1946 the current company of Fratelli Cosulich S.p.A. was formed reviving the name and using a variation of the flag format.
Neale Rosanoski, 11 April 2003