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Mexico - Proposal flags and coat of arms through history

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1821-1822 Proposal flag

[Proposal for the Imperial Flag] [Reconstruction] [Flag proposed in 1821]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, March 14, 2002

It seems the original proposal of the Imperial flag was with horizontal stripes: red, over white over green. However, since on October 20, 1821, Mr. Tagle (a commision member appointed to chose the Imperial symbols) pointed out that:

"The green-white-red flag's stripes should be place in a transverse way in order to give more field for drawing the Eagle".

The commsion accepted the proposal and finally the flag colors were arranged vertically: green, white, red. There is one preserved flag whose colors are diplayed horizontally. In addition to that, some pictures show military fortress such as that of San de Ulúa flying Mexican horizontal-colored flags. Surelly, the horizal tricolor was allowed to be used in the army. Mr. Alcócer (another symbols commisioner), also proposed, that the eagle should be painted alone; since it was firstly agreed that the eagle should be represented attacking a tiger. Mr.Alcócer's oppinion was accepted.

Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, May 20, 2002

1823 National Flag proposal

After the Empire was overtrown in 1823, the new government formed a commission in order to establish the new national flag if necesary. On April 12, the Commission, led by Fr. Servando Teresa de Mier, delivered the report to the General Congress about the new national coat of arms and flag, which said:

"(...) The present commission agrees to keep using the eagle standing over a nopal plant rising from a stone in the middle of a lagoon, since such an emblem is part of the Mexico's history; the only difference is revoming the crown from the eagle.

"Regarding the flag, the commission was informed that the flag adopted by the 'Junta Provisional' in 1821, is the same used before us by the Republic of Colombia so far. Thus, it is necesary to replace it.
This way, the commission states that the flag to adopt should be that flown by the first independence defenders before 1821. This flag has already sailed at the Mexican Gulf waters, and it is known by the neighboring governments.
Therefore, the National Flag is a field divided into sixteen (16) parts, Four in the middle are white charged with the eagle over the nopal plant on a rock, while the remainder parts surround it are 12 rectangles in white and blue begining from the upper corner near the hoist. The flag shall be bordered in red; the border's width is about one-tenth of the flag's hoist."

[1823 Mexico National flag proposal] [1823 proposal National flag, state and war ensign] [Proposal] [Reconstruction]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, May 20, 2002

"(...) That the Merchant Marine or private ships use the same flag, but with the largest rectangle bearing only a nopal plant over the stone."

[1823 Mexico National Merchant flag proposal] [1823 proposal National Merchant ensign] [Proposal] [Reconstruction]
by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, May 20, 2002

The proposal were rejected, excepting to that regarding the national coat of arms.

Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, May 20, 2002