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Republic of Rwanda, République Rwandaise / Repubulika y'u Rwanda

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[Rwanda][Variant] 2:3~
by Zeljko Heimer, 31 Dec 2002 - click here for an animated image
Flag adopted 25 October 2001

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Description of the flag

The correction 2 of Album 2000  shows the new flag adopted in 2001:
The tricolor flag of blue over yellow over green, blue being the double width of each of the other two, with a golden-yellow 24-
pointed sun in the fly upper corner.
The image matches well with what we already have on FOTW by Mello Lugtenberg based on Flagmaster (I guess Armand has same source), unless the shade of the yellow stripe. IIRC, the two shades of yellow, the yellow stripe and golden-yellow sun are confirmed in use, as well as the light shade of blue. (right?)
Pascal's image we have now at the top is based on first reports and should be replaced now, I guess.
Zeljko Heimer, 31 Dec 2002

From the Rwandan Embassy in Paris:

The new flag of the Rwandan republic is composed of three colors: green, yellow and blue.
The green color: It symbolizes the hope of prosperity thanks to rational exploitation of the force of Rwandan people and the resources of the country.
The yellow color: It symbolizes the economic development. The Rwandan people must settle to work so as to reach durable economic development.
The blue color: It symbolizes happiness and peace. The Rwandan people must fight for peace which will bring them to durable economic development and happiness.
The sun and its rays of golden color: It symbolizes the light which enlightens gradually all the people. This translates the unity, transparency and fight against ignorance.
The new flag was designed by Alphonse Kirimobenecyo, a Rwandan artist and engineer.
Armand du Payrat, 3 Jan 2002

The new flag and anthem of the Rwandan Republic has indeed been launched today (on 31 December 2001). So far, I've found a single image of the flag in the webpage of President Paul Kagame - the image is not too good to distinguish some details. See this webpage (and "click here for more news" in the upper left corner of the page).
The flag corresponds roughly to the previous reports - blue-green and rising sun. However, the blue and green fields are separated by a yellow stripe and the sun is not rising. The flag has three horizontal stripes, blue, yellow and green (2:1:1). In the upper fly (!) there is a yellow sun with ca. 24 rays.
The image of the flag seems to have 1:2 ratio but the sun is a little bit horizontally elliptical - so I guess the image is somewhat distorted, elongated horizontally, so that the sun should in fact be circular and the flag ratio ~2:3.
Jan Zrzavy, 31 Dec 2001

Using the image available there, I've made a GIF of the possible new flag of Rwanda.
Pascal Gross, 31 Dec 2001

A nice image ... but I'd like to emphasize that my inference of flag ratio and shape of the sun may be wrong.
Jan Zrzavy, 31 Dec 2001

The flag is shown with the sun in the hoist, but the flag is flying, and it appears to be an image of the reverse (wrapped around the pole). Green symbolizes hope for prosperity, yellow stands for work, and blue for peace and happiness, with the sun symbolizing "unity, transparency, and the fight against intolerance." Red was eliminated for its association with blood and killing.
Nathan G. Lamm, 1 Jan 2001

If you look at this webpage you can see a good photo of President Kagame holding the new flag of Rwanda, in a fringed form, rather long (1:2???), and with interesting colors:
1. The blue color is quite light.
2. The yellow color of the sun seems to differ from that of the stripe.
The sun is possibly a little bit more orange or golden.
Any comments?
Jan Zrzavy, 2 Jan 2001

It seems to me that most sources are converging to a single variant of the new flag of Rwanda, to that visible in President Kagame's hands in photo. I've reported earlier: light blue-yellow-green (2:1:1) with a yellow-orange sun, with flag ratio ~1:2 (6:13?).
Jan Zrzavy, 6 Jan 2002

Of course the size and colours are maybe not the right ones, but I had very few time to wait for the correct version of the flag before creating the animation and updating my website for the 1st of January. As soon as the colours and size will be definitively confirmed, I'll change the images on my website.
Pascal Gross, 6 Jan 2002

The official government website of Rwanda has a page leading to (big) images of the new symbols.
Mark Sensen, 29 Jan 2002

The proportions on the site Mark mentions are 216 x 329, nearly 2:3 - can we assume that 2:3 is official?
Jarig Bakker, 30 Jan 2002

No, I don't think so; the new flag of Rwanda flying on the Ambassy in Paris has 195 x 90 cm (ratio 13:6)
And the sun on would be gold and not yellow.
To be continued ...
Arnaud Leroy, 30 Jan 2002

Rwanda flag is proportioned 2:3.
Pantones are:
Blue 3005c
Green 3415c
Yellow 109c
Sun yellow 130 c
(two yellow shades!!!!)
Source: SAVA newsletter, quoting the offcial flaglaws of Rwanda.
Jaume Ollé, 18 Jun 2002

In the new DK book of flags (ed. 2002) the new flag of Rwanda is presented as this one, based on data presented by the Flag Institute in Cheste, UK. So I checked the web, and on the official webpage of the Rwandan government, providing access to the new national symbols.
Jarig Bakker, 9 Feb 2003

This may well have been mentioned before, but the topmost point of the sun is shown on the FOTW page (and in practically every other source) as being offset from the vertical, whereas, both the official construction diagram, and Government webpage just given on the list, show it with the topmost point vertical.
Christopher Southworth, 9 Feb 2003

flag according to 'Flagmaster'

[flag according to 'Flagmaster'] by Mello Lugtenberg, 3 May 2002

According to the magazine "flagmaster" the new flag of Rwanda has a ratio of 2:3. It also published the measurements of the sun. I made a "gif" of the flag and also one with the standard measurements that are given in the magazine.
Mello Lugtenberg, 3 May 2002

Flag construction sheet

[Flag construction sheet] by Mello Lugtenberg, 3 May 2002

Variant flag

[Rwanda Variant flag] by Arnaud Leroy, 4 Jan 2002

My little contribution for the flag of Rwanda, the ratio is 6:13.
Source: Ambassy of Rwanda in Paris.
Arnaud Leroy, 4 Jan 2002

Variant flag #2

[Rwanda Variant flag #2] by Blas Delgado Ortiz, 2 Jan 2002

Here is my rendition of the new Rwanda flag. It is based on a photo sent to the list today. I tried to match the colors as true as possible. To my surprise, GIF let me choose this colors with small file size and which are almost, if not, identical to the one depicted at the picture.
Blas Delgado Ortiz, 2 Jan 2002