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Slovenia: Construction sheets for the coat of arms and flag

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Construction sheet for the coat of arms

by Zeljko Heimer

The construction sheet for the coat of arms of the Republic of Slovenia is issued in the Official Gazette Uradni list Republike Slovenije #67, 27 October1994. as the addition to the Law on the coat of arms and flag. I have redrawn it, adapting it somewhat in some minor helping lines which I deemed more important. For the sake of the thruth, I have some doubts if I have read the sheet correctly, and I shall point these cases clearly when I come to them.

The base of the construction is a grid of 8 x 9 squares. The lower left corner I shall denote as point 0;0. The upper arc is centered in 4;0 and passes through 1;5.9. The mountain edges are rather obvious from the image, so I shall not describe them in details. The wavy lines are gained by the means of five circles or radius 1 unit - three with centers in 2.3, 4.3 and 6.3, respectively, and two below them, tangent to them.
The line passing throught the tangenting points of the circles is crucial - this line and the line passing through the center of the upper circles (y=3) are divided in three stripes equally - the width of each stripe is the width which is used for wavy lines and shield border - it is approximately 0.2887 units, I shall call that width W. The wavy bars are gained by "offsetting" of the basic wavy line by the width W three times.

Next crucial step is to find the outer lower arcs of the shield. It is not quite obvious from the drawing in the Official Gazette how it is made, but after some studing I believe that it is done this way - starting with the innermost arc - forming edges of wavy bars. It has center in 5:5,4 (that is certain from the image) and is tangent to the leftmost circle (and in the same manner mirrored for the other side). An arc with radius larger than this one for W forms inner border of red field, and an arc with another W added forms outer border of the shield. A line starting in point where upper arc crosses x=0 is to be made tangent to this last arc, and accompaning parallel one for inner border.

Now we are left only with the stars. The upper left star have center in the crossing of the line connecting the lower mountaintop at 5;5,.5 with point 2;5.9, and line y=8.5. Outer circle radius is distance from that center to the line x=2.5, while inscribed circle is half of that size. Sixpointed stars have points at 0, 60, 120 deg etc, counting 0 deg at the top. while lower points are at 30, 90 150 etc. The lower star is of the same dimensions, centered at 4,7.

The point at 4;4.5 is the center of the mesh, as marked it on the image.

Zeljko Heimer 5 Febuary 1999

Construction sheet for the flag

by Zeljko Heimer

The flag is in overall proportions width to length 1:2, horizonatlly divided into three stripes of white, blue and red, thus each being 1/3 of flag width wide. The coat of arms is in upper hoist corner, with mid-point being 1/2 flag width from the hoist and 1/3 from the top (i.e. at white-blue edge). The height of the coat of arms is also 1/3 of the flag width.

Question is what point is mid-point of the coat of arms, and if the coat of arms height is measured top to bottom, or "only" the mesh. I tend to believe that the whole height is measured. However, I do not believe that the mid-point is at the geometric halfway between top and bottom, and that the point of the center of the mesh is used. The image in the official gazette accompanying the description is too small to notice the difference, but as far as I can get it, all other images of Slovenian flag tend to prove that I am right here.

If I have anwsered rightly on coat of arms height question, then the unit of the mesh expressed in the flag width would be approximatley 0.03224.

Zeljko Heimer 5 Febuary 1999

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