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Transcarpathia Oblast (Ukraine)

Zakarpats'ka Oblast'

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The Oblast

Capital: Uzhhorod (Soviet era name in Russian: Uz^gorod). Transcarpathia/Zakarpatska area seized from (Czecho)slovakia in 22 January 1946
Antonio Martins , 10 July 1999

The territory of present Transcarpathia (Zakarpats'ka oblast') had not named before 1920. The territory was parts of the following counties of Hungary: Bereg Co., Ung Co., Ugocsa Co. and Ma'ramaros Co. Maybe it had got a name in Ruthenian (they are indigenous people of the territory): Rusinsko??
Between 1918-1920 many countries claimed the territory. Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Ukrainia, Hungary and of course the Ruthens. The territory was united with Czechoslovakia and it was an "historical territory" of Rusinsko. The Hungarian name of the territory between the WW-s was Ruszinszko', later Ka'rpa'talja. The Ruthenian name was Rusinsko or Pidkarpatska Rus (Subcarpathia). In 1938 after the Decision of Munich the territory got selfgoverment. In 1939, Hungary occupied the territory, later annexed and made the autonomous territory: Ka'rpa'talja - Pidkarpatska Rus. This territory had got own symbols (I read about it, but I have never seen this symbols). In 1944  the Soviet Union occupied the territory and in 1945 the annexed "Soviet of Transcarpathian Ucraine" "was reunified" to the Soviet Union. In 1946 the Soviet Union ceded the territory from Czechoslovakia and united it into Ukraine. The name of the territory was Zakarpatskaya Oblast in Russian, Zakarpatska oblast' in Ukrainian, Pidkarpatska Rus in Ruthenian.
István Molnár, 15 September 2000

From Ukrainian Heraldry web site :
In the X'th century the territory of Zakarpattia, populated by the white Croatians, belonged to the Kyivs'ka Rus'. Only with the beginning of the expansion of the Hungarians to the East the territory began depend on them. Till XIII'th century the part of Zakarpattia belonged to the Galyts'ko-Volyns'ke principality. Since XVIth century the part of Zakarpattia became the part of the Austria-Hungary, since 1919 – the part of Czechoslovakia. In 1939 on the territory of Zakarpattia the creation of the independent state – Karpats'ka Ukraine was declared. Since 1945 it is in the structure of Ukraine.
Zakarpats'ka oblast' (Trans-Carpathians region) was included in Czechoslovakia under the name of Pidkarpats'ka Rus. It got its CoA in 1920 for the first time.
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

Flags over Mukacheve, Uzhhorod and Berehove (before 1848: approximately):
896-1000 Árpáds' (Principality of Hungary) flag
1000-1301 Árpáds' (Kingdom of Hungary) flags
1301-1305 Premysl's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1305-1307 Wittelsbach's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1307-1387 Anjou's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1387-1437 Luxembourg's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1437-1439 Habsburg's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1440-1444 Jagello's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1444-1453 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary, governor Hunyadi) flag (in 1444 the first mention of the nowadays Hungarian CoA)
1453-1457 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1458-1490 Hunyadi's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1490-1526 Jagello's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1526-1553 Szapolyai's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1527-1605 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1605-1606 Bocskai's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1606-1620 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1620-1621 Bethlen's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1621-1628 Bethlen's (Principality of Transylvania) flag
1628-1645 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1645-1649 Rákóczi's (Principality of Transylvania) flag
1649-1682 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1682-1683 Thököly's (Principality of Upper-Hungary) flag
1683-1703 Habsburg (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1703-1711 Rákóczi's (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1711-1848 Habsburg and Hungarian (Kingdom of Hungary) flags
1848-1849 Hungarian (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1849-1867 Austrian (Empire of Austria) flag (black-yellow)
1867-1918 Hungarian (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1918-1919 Hungarian (People's Republic of Hungary) flag (with Kossuth CoA or without CoA)
1919 Red (Hungarian Soviet Republic) flag
1919 Romanian flag (occupation)
1919-1938 Czechoslovakian (Republic of Czechoslovakia) flag
1938-1944 Hungarian (Kingdom of Hungary) flag
1944-1946 Soviet flag (occupied territory, maybe Czechoslovakian flag?)
1946-1992 Soviet and Soviet-Ukrainian flags (1946-1952-1992)
1992-now Ukrainian (Republic of Ukraine) flag
Istvan Molnar, 27 November 2000

Coat of Arms

From Ukrainian Heraldry web site :

Here is the description of that CoA in the middle-sized and in the big CoA of Czechoslovakian Republic according to the Law No.252 of March 30 1920: "On the back state shield in the top left field there is an CoA of Pidkarpats'ka Rus. That shield is cut into two halves - in the right azure field there are three or stripes, in the left argent field there is a red bear standing on its hind legs and looking to the right."
In March 1939 there was formed an independent state - Karpats'ka Ukraine. That state in its first law of March 15 decided: "The national CoA of Karpats'ka Ukraine is the present CoA of the region: a red bear in the left red field and four azure and three or stripes in the right field and a trident of St.Volodymyr the Great with a cross on the middle prong."
On the 18th of December 1990 the Principle about the CoA of Zakarpats'ka oblast' was adopted: "The CoA of Zakarpats'ka region has a form of a cut shield. In the right part there are seven equal horizontal stripes with interchange of azure and or (the first stripe is azure); in the left part of an argent field there is a picture of a red bear standing on its hind legs and looking to the left."
Phil Nelson, 7 July 1999

The CoA of Transcarpathian Region were adopted by Regional Council on December, 18, 1990. The description of the CoA: Per pale, 1) barry of seven Azure and Or; 2) Argent, a Bear Gules. The CoA is analogous to adopted official Regional CoA of 1920 and to CoA of Authonomous Carpathian Ukraine of 1938 and semi-analogous to CoA of independent Carpathian Ukraine of 1939 (CoA of 1939 had a gold trident in the canton).  
Victor Lomantsov, 28 July 2000

The Oblast's Subdivisions

I have bought a map: Kárpátalja - Zakarpat'ska oblast'. Some information from this map:
The territory of Transcarpathia is divided to 13 distrits and 3 cities. In Transcarpathia there are 7 towns, 20 places of town type, 297 villages with own community and 282 villages withou community. The territory of Transcarpathia is 12.880 km2. Transcarpathia has got 1.287.400 inhabitants (1999 datas).
The list of the districts and towns

Berehivs'kyj rajon (83.700 inh.)
Velykij Bereznjans'kyj rajon (30.000)
Vynohradivs'kyj rajon (118.400)
Volovec'kyj rajon (27.200)
Irshavs'kyj rajon (99.000)
Mizhhirs'kyj rajon (50.700)
Mukachivs'kyj rajon (104.300)
Perechyns'kyj rajon (32.700)
Rachivs'kyj rajon (91.300)
Svaljavs'kyj rajon (57.600)
Tjachivs'kyj rajon (172.700)
Uzhhorods'kyj rajon (73.800)
Husts'kyj rajon (94.800)

Berehovo (29.200) (from 17 May 2001)
Uzhhorod (126.600)
Mukachevo (89.100)
Hust (35.500)

Towns and places of town type:

Solotvyno ptt (TJ; 9.900 inh.)
Bat'ovo ptt (BE; 3.000)
Bushtyno ptt (TJ; 8.300)
Chop town (UZ; 9.700)
Dubove ptt (TJ; 10.400)
Kobylec'ka Poljana ptt (RA; 3.300)
Irshava town (IR; 10.600)
Koroljevo ptt (VY; 7.900)
Ust'-Chorna ptt (TJ; 1.500)
Kol'chyno ptt (MU, 4.800)
Jasinja ptt (RA; 1.500)
Velykyj Bereznyj ptt (VB; 7.300)
Velykyj Bychkiv ptt (RA; 9.400)
Vynohradiv town (VY; 27.600)
Mizhhir'ja ptt (MY; 10.200)
Perechyn ptt (PE; 7.500)
Rachiv town (RA; 17.000)
Zhdenievo ptt (VO; 1.400)
Chinadijovo ptt (MU; 7.300)
Seredne ptt (UZ; 3.500)
Svaljava town (SV; 18.800)
Teresva ptt (TJ; 7.600)
Tjachiv town (TJ; 11.300)
Vylok ptt (VY, 3.700)
Vyshkovo ptt (HU; 8.100)
Volovec' ptt (VO; 5.800)

Datas from the "Kárpátalja térképe" 1:250 000; DIMAP Bt., Budapest 2000
Istvan Molnar, 26 November 2000


by Istvan Molnar, 15 June 2000

The Ruthenian flag of the Ruthenians of the World (Transcarpathia, Slovakia, Hungary and the USA). I got this information from Mrs Jozsefne Csepanyi-Bardos, the president of the Ruhenian Ethnic Minority Council in Budapest Capital.
The Ruthenians are the settlers of Transcarpathia, and they are the majority there.
Istvan Molnar, 15 June 2000

by Ivan Sache, 10 March 2002

The UNPO has devoted a page with a flag at and info at So far I've only seen the flag at the UNPO-site.
Jarig Bakker, 21 September 2000

The CoA by no sheer coincidence is very close to Transcarpathia Oblast. However, the Rusyn flag was reported as 2:1:1 horizontal bleu-white-maroon.
My guess that someone decided that the Rutherians need flag (without knowledge of the existing one), and what is more probable than placing the traditional Transcarpathian CoA on the UA colors ?
Dov Gutterman, 21 September 2000

The flag as shown on the UNPO page does display the arms which also was part of the arms of Czechoslovakia in the time between the world wars.
Elias Granqvist, 21 September 2000

Hungarian Minority

by Chris Kretowicz, 2 June 2001

In Transcarpathia live about 200.000 Hungarians, most of them in the frontier zone. They use the Hungarian national flag with or without the Hungarian CoA. You can see many Hungarian flags in the churches, offices and on the City Hall of Beregovo / Beregszász. The settlements officially use the Ukrainian state flag, their own flags and the Hungarian National flag. The organizations and parties - has own CoA or symbol. I haven't seen party flag yet. On the days of the Hungarian National Holidays you can see many red-white-green flags in the Hungarian-lived territories.
István Molnár, 15 September 2000

Kárpátaljai Magyar Kultúrális Szövetség - Cultural Association Of Hungarians In Subcarpathian (CAOHIS) - The largest political and cultural organization of Hungarians in Ukraine. Home page:
István Molnár, 9 June 2001

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