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House Flags of Brazilian Shipping Companies, I-L

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J. A. Leite & Cia (Amazonas)

House Flag of J. A. Leite (Brazil)by Jorge Candeias

The surname is Portuguese (and means "milk"). The flag is a blue-white-blue horizontal triband, with a white disc in the center, fimbriated red, containing a red 5-pointed star and a letter in each of the spaces between the points of the star, composing the whole acronym (JAL&C). This flag is probably influenced by the flag of Amazonas: same colors, same overall structure, and a star.
Source: Chart of house flags circa 1950 at
Jorge Candeias, 30 June 2002

B. Levi & Cia. (Amazonas)

House Flag of B. Levi (Brazil)by Jorge Candeias

The flag is a dark blue saltire on white, and the initials (BL&C) are distributed through the quadrants formed by the saltire. It's eventually another coincidence, but Levi is a common Jewish surname, and the flag has the Israeli colors.
Source: Chart of house flags circa 1950 at
Jorge Candeias, 30 June 2002

Libra (Rio de Janeiro)

Companhia de Navegação Libra

House Flag of Libra Lines (Brazil)by Joseph McMillan

The flag of Companhia Libra de Navegação (originally Linhas Brasileiras, whence the acronym Libra) as shown on the company website, is white with a cross formed of four mirrored letters "L", the one in upper fly red and the others blue.
Joseph McMillan, 15 June 2001

Raimundo Vieira Lima

House Flag of Raimundo Vieira Lima (Brazil)by Jorge Candeias

The flag is vertically divided in yellow and white, the yellow smaller than the white (though not much and, at least in the source image, not using a common ratio) with a dark blue star centered where the panels meet. This star is probably related with the star in the flag of Pará.
Source: Chart of house flags circa 1950 at
Jorge Candeias, 4 June 2002

Listed in Lloyd's Register 1949-50 as operating two vessels totaling about 600 tons.
Joseph McMillan, 28 October 2002

Lloyd Brasileiro (Rio de Janeiro)

Companhia de Navegação Lloyd Brasileiro (Lloydbras)

House Flag of Lloyd Brasileiroby Ivan Sache

Znamierowski shows on page 244 a plate of houseflags of North and South American shipping companies, dated 1933. The original source is Lloyd Reederei-Flaggen der Welt-Handelsflotte [Lloyd Houseflags of the World Merchant Fleet], (Bremen).

#373. Cia. de Nav. Lloyd Brazileiro - Rio de Janeiro
Cruzeiro flag with the central star larger. Canton divided per saltire white-red-white-red with L and B (in blue) in the first and third (white) quarters, respectively.]
Shipping lines: Brazil - North America, Europe
Cargo and passenger steamboats: 66; Cargo and passenger sailboat: 1; Motor cargos: 4
Tonnage: ca 266,080 gross registered tons
Ivan Sache, 24 March 2001

Founded 1890, reorganized 1921, nationalized 1938- 39. Served all of South America plus US, Spain, Portugal, and elsewhere in Europe. Source: E. C. Talbot-Booth, Merchant Ships 1949-1950.
Joseph McMillan, 29 October 2002

Presidential order (medida provisória) 1592-5, issued on 5 March 1998, ordered the dissolution of this state-owned company, so I would imagine it is no longer in business and the flag is no longer in use.
Joseph McMillan, 15 June 2001

All the standard references on house flags from 1951 onward show this flag with the center star the same size as all the others. Brown's Flags and Funnels (1926 edition) shows it as in Ivan's image.
Joseph McMillan, 29 June 2001

It appears that all pre-World War II sources show the central star larger, i.e. Lloyds 1904 and 1912, Brown's Flags and Funnels 1926 and 1929, and Talbot-Booth 1936. Znamierowski's source of Lloyd Reedereiflaggen der Welthandelsflotte I find is basically derived from Brown 1929. Brown 1943 shows all stars of equal size but reverses the canton colours from red-white to white-red with white letters then appearing on the red sectors. Of the post World War II sources, Stewart 1st edition (1953-1957) shows black letters, which is probably confusion over the dark blue actual letters, but more interestingly it is the only book source to show the 21 star cross to have equal arms, i.e. 10 stars in each vertical and horizontal arm plus the center star, with all other sources showing eight in the vertical arms and 12 in the horizontal, plus the center star. This format cannot be written off, as the flag appearing in the Josef Nüsse collection shows this arrangement but with the usual blue letters.
Neale Rosanoski, 22 December 2002

S. A. Lloyd Nacional do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro)

House Flag of Lloyd Nacional do Brasilby Ivan Sache

Also from Znamierowski's reprint of the chart in Lloyd Reederei-Flaggen der Welt-Handelsflotte (1933):

#374. Lloyd Nacional Soc. Anon. - Rio de Janeiro
[Green flag with a yellow saltire. A white disk in the middle with "LN" in red.]
Shipping lines: Brazil - North America
Steam cargos: 9; Steam tanker: 1; Cargo and passenger motorboats: 4
Tonnage: ca 41,200 gross registered tons
Ivan Sache, 24 March 2001

Founded 1916 as a subsidiary of Costeira, then merged with it 1942, according to E. C. Talbot-Booth, Merchant Ships 1949-1950.
Joseph McMillan, 29 October 2002