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Dantumadiel [Municipality] (The Netherlands)

Dantumadeel [Gemeente] (Nederland)

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dantumadeel municipality Shipmate Flagchart :

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Municipal flag

The municipality of Dantumadeel/Dantumadiel is in northeast Friesland/Frysl‚n (Netherlands), just south of the city of Dokkum.
The flag (adopted?) is derived from the municipal CoA. Yellow for the sandy soil. Green for the woods ('wblden') - don't know about the other colors.

Jarig Bakker, 21 August 1999

Dantumadeel: Flag: "Four stripes white-red-yellow-green," established 22-3-1962.
The shield is: Divided per pale in three parts of red, gold and green, parted by a wavy bar silver, the gold charged with a jumping fox red. No capital mentioned.

(Ed - 10 October 2000)

Dantumadeel CoA

Dantumadeel CoA International Civic Arms :

Driezum (village)

Driesum (dorp)

village of Driezum Shipmate Flagchart :

Driesum/Driezum is a small village in the municipality Dantumadiel in Friesland. Its flag and CoA are at
The green on the flag is for the 'Friese Wouden' (Frisian forests), of which Driesum is the most northeasterly village; and yellow is for the sand it is built on. I can't account for the flower and the other colors.

Jarig Bakker 8 October 2000.

Translating from the same page as Jarig refers to: Meaning of the flag:
In the flag all elements and colours from the CoA return, albeit adapted to the specific rules which hold for a flag. The carots have been replaced by orange wedges that are once again placed crosswise. The rose has been given a place as well, in the hoist top.
And also:
Meaning of the Coat of Arms: As with the Coats of Arms of neighbouring villages, from the Coat of Arms of
Driesum the state of the soil can be read. The black-gold edge indicates the transition from sand to clay, while the green field indicates that the village lies in green surroudings of meadows and alder rows. In this green field four carots (in natural - orange- colour) have been placed as a reference to the growing and peddling of these. The numberoffour as picked as a symbol for the village's four entry roads. In the first quarter a rose from the arms of de Van Sytzama family was placed as a memory to the important function of this family for the area.

(Ed - 10 October 2000)

I just revisited the site, and now there is a description of the flag:
(My abbreviation)
Orange stands for carrots, which were traditionally grown and sold here; black and yellow combined symbolize the transition in the soil from clay to sand. Green is for the meadows and 'elzensingels' (ditches surrounded by alders, which surround farms). The rose is derived from the arms of the van Sytzama family. The carrot-cross points at the four roads by which Driesum can be reached.

Jarig Bakker 10 October 2000

Driesum CoA

Driesum CoA

Ringsumageast (village)

De Geast (dorp)

Ringsumageast village Shipmate Flagchart :

The Frisian name of this village in NW Dantumadiel is Rinsumageast or De  Geast. It used to be the capital of the municipality till 1881. From  1165-1580 there was the monastery Klaarkamp, a Cistercians abbey,  which was founded by monks from Clairvaux and Riddagshausen. Monks from  Klaarkamp founded many other abbeys in Friesland and Oostfriesland. It  was the birthplace of the historian Worp van Thabor (?-1538).  The village flag has a curious background (see <>:
After the restoration of the church, dating from the 11th century, a new weather-vane had to be placed on the tower. The "Fryske Rie foar  Heraldyk" (Frisian Council for Heraldry) was asked to design a new one.  This it did, and for good measure it designed a new village CoA and  flag. The castle on the flag is split in four parts, which stand for the four 'states' (castles) Juwsmastate, Melkemestate, Eysingastate and  Tjaardastate. Yellow is for the sandy soil (geest = sandy clay); red for the important houses built here from Frisian bricks (big ones).

Jarig Bakker 10 january 2001

Roodkerk (village)

Readtsjerk (dorp)

Roodkerk Shipmate Flagchart :

W‚ltersw‚ld (village)

Wouterswoude (dorp)

village of Wouterswoude Shipmate Flagchart :

Speaking of the neighbouring villages of Driezum (/Driesum), one such village is Wa^lterswa^ld (W&acirc;ltersw&acirc;ld)  (/Wouterswoude).
On their website # it says:
Flag: Three equally high lenghtwise stripes green, yellow, and black, near the hoist charged with respectively a turned white crescent, a blue chicory flower, and a golden acorn. These are placed in the vorm of a hoist triangle with the heart of the flower lying on the tip of the (imaginary) hoist triangle. Each of these figures in the proper ratio to the stripes they're placed on.
And: Explanation : The coat of Arms is based on the local structure of layers of earth. Green the clay, geel the sand layer, and black the peat. The silver crescent symbolizes the area the village is lying in, the "Dokkumer Wblden" (Dokkum Woods). The two chicory flowers remind of the chicory factories and the two village centers. The acorn symbolyzes the wooded surroundings of the village.
The design was created by The Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk (Frisian Council for Heraldry) in cooperation with village interest (?).

I expect, apart from the bit about the two village centers, the explanation will be valid for the flag as well. The Fryske Rie foar HeraldyIt appears to be fond of such flying coats of arms, since several can be found throughout the province. Unfortunately, this one could not be found on the same page, so I just hope there's a herald in the house. (-:

(Ed - 10 October 2000)

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