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Stavropol Territory (Russia)

Stavropolhskii~ krai~

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Flag of Stavropol Territory
by António Martins, 22 Jan 2000
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Presentation of Stavropol Territory

(Note: You need an Unicode-aware software and font to correctely view the cyrillic text on this page. See here transliteration details).

  • Name (english): Stavropol Territory • (russian): Стравопольский край | Stavropolhskiĭ kraĭ
  • Capital (russian): Стравополь | Stavropolh • (english): Stavropol
  • Area: 66 500 km2 (≅25 700 sq.mi.) • Population: 2 683 400 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Territory (край | kraĭ) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Northern Caucasus • Economic region: Northern Caucasus
  • License plate code: 26 • Ham radio code: ST • ISO 3166-2 code: STA
  • Flag adopted on 1997.05.15 • Coat of arms adopted on 1997.05.15

Description of the flag

The flag and coat of arms of Stavropol Territory were adopted in 15/05/1997 by the Local Parlament (Krajevaja Duma): Law on flag and Law of Coat of Arms.
Michael Simakov, 13 Jan 1999

The law gives strange measures for the cross: 5,5+4,1+5,5:7,5+4,5+13. That doesn't mean that the arms of the cross has different widths, as 4,1/15,1 ≅ 4,5/(25/3); the actual calculed value must have been 4,077 or similar, later rounded to 4,1... Of course a much better way to put it would be 73+54+73:90+54+156, being the overall flag dimensions of 200:300. This though envolves a rounding and may mean that these dimensions cannot be resolved to a set of “nice” numbers — which in turn may mean that these measures were taken from a real, historical flag, hand made and thus geometrically “imperfect”. Finnaly, note that the flag - to - coat of arms ratios of arms given (6/16:5/25) also do not match the coat of arms, as the flag is 2:3 and the coat of arms approx. 9:10. Note also that 6/16ths (0,375) is more than 4,1/15,1ths (≅0,272) and thus the legal prescription stating that «the edges of which [of the coat of arms] shall not extend beyond the limits of the white field of the crossing» is incompatible with the (equally legal) ratios...
António Martins, 22 Jan 2000

All golden variant

Flag of Stavropol Territory
by António Martins, 22 Jan 2000

According to the law, this flag seems to come in two flavours: with full color coat of arms or monochrome. Of course we all would like to know the differences in legal and actual usage of these two different flag depictions, if any.
António Martins, 22 Jan 2000

Law texts


Law Of Stavropol Territory
On The Flag Of Stavropol Territory
(adopted by the State Council of S.T. 15.05.97)

Article 1.

The flag of Stavropol Territory is a symbol of Stavropol Territory, a member with full rights, and an indivisible part, of the Russian Federation.

Article 2.

The flag of Stavropol Territory is a rectangular bunting, gold in color, on which is depicted a white rectangular cross. The ratio of the breadth of the flag to its length is 2:3. The following proportions of the sides of the cross to the dimensions of the flag are used: vertically 5.5:4.1:5.5; horizontally 7.5:4.5:13. In the center of the cross is found a colored or monochrome (all in gold) depiction of the coat of arms of Stavropol Territory, the edges of which shall not extend beyond the limits of the white field of the crossing. The ratio of the breadth of the flag to the height of the coat of arms is 16:6. The ratio of the length of the flag to the width of the coat of arms is 25:5.
The "Regulation on the Flag of Stavropol Territory" adopted 29.12.1994 is word for word the same as the law of 1997, at least as far as the description of the flag goes. The rules for use of the flag also seem to be the same, and mighty familiar by now. The third clause in each document says that «The pattern of the flag of Stavropol Territory is to be preserved in the State Council of Stavropol Territory. The pattern can be executed either in color or in black and white.»
John Ayer, 21 Jan 2000, 24 Jan 2000 and 28 Jan 2000

Coat of arms detail

CoA of Stavropol Region
by Pascal Gross

This coat of arms it is unusual in that the bottom partition shows an outline map of territory, complete with a cross marking the spot of the capital, and a longitude line showing 45°. Weird...
António Martins, 22 Jan 2000

Incorrect red version

Red flag of Stavropol Terr.
by António Martins, 12 Oct 2002

Is it my eyes but it is quite red at
Dov Gutterman, 12 Oct 2002

Your eyes are OK, that image is a little wrong.
Victor Lomantsov, 12 Oct 2002

It was either a mistake or there’s something we dont know regarding the way this flag is rendered in the real world — for what’s worth, I never saw this flag in the cloth before, only reconstructed images based on the law text.
António Martins, 18 Nov 2002

Coat of arms detail

Red coa of Stavropol Terr.
by Pascal Gross and António Martins, 12 Oct 2002

Not only the background is odly colored but also the coat of arms shows a coloration different from what is usually shown, the map being golden instead of void (blue), the upper division is light blue, not medium blue (a fundamental difference for Russian speakers), and the hillock depicted thereon is grey with a white stairway, instead of brown with a green one.
António Martins, 18 Nov 2002

Georgievsk municipal flag

[Georgievsk municipality]
by Pascal Gross, 18 Jan 2000

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