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Volgograd Region (Russia)

Volgogradskaa^ oblasth

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Volgograd region flag
by Pascal Gross, 08 Feb 2001
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Presentation of Volgograd Region

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  • Name (english): Volgograd Region • (russian): Волгоградская область | Volgogradskaâ oblasth
  • Capital: Волгоград | Volgograd • (former name): Stalingrad | Сталинград (1925-1961), Caricyn | Царицын (<1925)
  • Area: 113 900 km2 (≅44 000 sq.mi.) • Population: 2 659 300 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Region (область | oblasth) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Northern Caucasus • Economic region: Volga
  • License plate code: 34 • Ham radio code: VG • ISO 3166-2 code: VGG
  • Flag adopted on 2000.06 • Coat of arms adopted on 2000.06

Description of the flag

The Region flag has a red background, two blue stripes, and a figure on it. It is a statue that was erected by the Soviet Government after WW2. It stands for the fight to save the motherland. Ratio of 2:3
Zachary Harden, 28 May 2001

The statue is called Rodina Math | Родина Мать, Mother of the Fatherland (it sounds strange in english...)
António Martins, 12 Oct 2002

Two blue stripes on the flag of Volgograd oblast symbolize two big rivers Volga and Don.
Victor Lomantsov, 08 Feb 2001

No flag in 1999

The coat of arms and flag are not adopted. There is a Document (Decision of Regional Duma, 26 of august, 1999, No 13/373) on contest (competition on best projects). In text of Decision we can read about Law on Flag and Arms which was abolished. When this Law was adopted and abolished we don’t know.
Victor Lomantsov, 04 Feb 2000

Historical coat of arms

The coat of arms of Volgograd is gules two sturgeons hauriant in saltire argent.
Santiago Dotor, 17 Dec 1998

The current arms are quite different. They show on the Volgograd city flag.
António Martins, 12 Oct 2002

Hammer and sickle?

The coat of arms and flag of Volgograd region will be adorned by the hammer and the sickle

The Duma (Parliament) of Volgograd region passed the law "About the coat of arms and flag of Volgograd region". The information about it was reported by the magazin of "Volgograd".

The fraction of communists during the interval between the sessions have introduced changes into the project of law, these changes propose the addition the communist simbols (the hammer and sickle) to the flag and coat of arms of region. The authors of this project of law were against so changes. Nevertheless 18 deputies from 34 voted to pass the law with communist changes.

Now for coming into force the law have to be signed by the governor of region Nikolai Maksyuta, which have been elected in 1996 from Communist Party.

Yury Rocich, 29 Aug 2000, translating from from Mar 2020000703174131.htm

The hammer and the sickle have returned to us

Last week region Duma (parliament) passed the law "About the coat of arms and flag of Volgograd region". There are two blue wavy lines (these are symbolized the rivers of Volga and Don) on the red shield, and image of The Monument of Mother-Nativeland (this is symbolized the victory of Russia in The Stalingrad Battle) are situated in the center of the shield.

Exactly so project was won in the competition of the creation the coat of arms of Volgograd region and received the support of the townpeople during the exhibition of the projects in the city museum, and at first was passed by regional Duma. However during final discussion some deputies didn.t like it. For example, the deputy Shevchenko considers that there no so little . the hammer, the sickle and the star - the simbols of the communist past of Russia and, evidently, the present so, because the most of deputies voted for exactly so project together with The Mother-Nativeland the hammer, the sickle and the star on left corner of the shield.

So development of events coused the indignation of the author of the project the heraldist Yu.Kurasov. He declared that Shevchenko tried to exert pressure him and asked to add into project the images of the hammer, the sickle and the star, Shevchenko threatened to hold the competition in another way and to pass necessary decision. Listening so frakness of author-heraldist Shevchenko blushed, grew pale and again blushed. But then he refuted everything.

Deputies wasn.t confused and resolution of The Russian Authorship Association and the law department of regional Duma that so changes were infringed the law .About the authorship (copyright).. So the deputies infringed the rules of the competition, which didn.t let to use in the regional symbols the official state and party simbols of Russia and USSR. So the deputies excepted the mention about the authors of the coat of arms and flag of Volgograd region. After so offence Yury Kurasov left the Duma and took away his project.

The authors of the project intended to address to general-governor Kazantsev, State Herald Council of The President Of Russia, also in a court and a prosecutor.s office.

Yury Rocich, 30 Aug 2000, translating from from