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White supremacist flags in South Africa

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Modern use of old republic flags

Right-wing organisations in South Africa use the flags of the old republics (Transvaal and Orange Free State) quite extensively.
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

Afrikaner Resistance Movement / Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging (AWB)

[A.W.B. flag]
by António Martins, 27 May 1998

The three black 7s (arranged in a fashion similar to the Three Legs of Man but rotated so that the top seven is upright) is the emblem of the Afrikaner Weersdandsbeweging (AWB, Afrikaner Resistance Movement, a right-wing, neo-nazi organisation led by Eugene Terreblanche) which appears on its flag (on a white disc at the centre of a red field).
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

Notice the white disk is closer to the hoist (like the national flag of Nazi Germany and unlike most modern neonazi flags, which have centered discs). I would have expected this flag to be orange, not red...
António Martins, 18 Apr 1998

[This flag and its symbol are] now also being used by European Nazis as they have volunteered to fight in a race war in South Africa.
António Martins, 27 May 1998, quoting Nazism Exposed | Flags and Symbols (Påls site)

AWBs former flag

The AWB had an earlier flag which was similar except that the emblem was a 4-pointed star with a stylised AW running through it (probably in black).
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

Illustrations of the two AWB flags can be found in my article "Flags of Political Organisations in South Africa"SAVA Newsletter2/91, Nov. 1991, p. 7.
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

AWBs alternative flag (in Transvaal)

[AWBs alternative flag (in Transvaal)] by António Martins, 27 Oct 1999

The Transvaal vierkleur with 3 black sevens on the white stripe seems to be a once-off flag used on some or other occasion by followers of the ABW.
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

The "777" might be like this or in one of the ABW usual arrangements: swastika or 1+2.
António Martins, 29 Apr 1999

Recently Antonio Martins posted the gif za}awbtv. The three "7" are arranged horizontally. In the image that I have the 7 are arranged in form of "Trinacria" (i.e. emblem of Isle of Man or Sicily).
I found the following note:
"In 1970, Eugene Terre'Blanche with 6 other kindred souls founded the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB). From this committee of seven, the AWB emblem, "Three Sevens", was created in contrast with the number 666 of the satanic forces".
Jaume Ollé, 14 Mar 1999

This symbol is clearly a variation of the nazi swastika, just one leg less -- regardless of any other "symbolism" provided for it. I just don't get it: if these guys wann use a swastika-like logo, why don't they just assume it?...
António Martins, 16 Apr 1999

Boer Resistance Movement / Boere Weerstandsbeweging (BWB)

BWBs first flag

[BWBs first flag] by António Martins, 04 Oct 1998

This was the flag of Boere Weersdandsbeweging (BWB, Boer Resistance Movement) -- Black with white cross fimbrated red; in the center of the cross is a white circle fimbrated red with three black "7"s. BWB was initially led by Eddie von Maltitz and subsequently by Andrew Ford. (I dont know if this organisation still exists).
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

The flag described above (black field with a white cross fimbriated red (George, not scandinavian); three black upright sevens, one above and two below, on a white disc fimbriated red at the centre) was the original flag of the BWB. A colour photograph of a crowd waving this flag appeared in the Sunday Times, Johannesburg during 1990 (unfortunately I dont have the exact date).
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

BWBs second flag

[BWBs second flag] by António Martins, 04 Oct 1998

When Andrew Ford took over the leadership the flag was replaced by a similar one bearing, instead of the three 7s, the letters BWB, in white, arranged in a triangular fashion (pointing downwards) on a similarly directed black triangle.
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

Illustrations of the two BWB flags can be found in my article "Flags of Political Organisations in South Africa"SAVA Newsletter 2/91, Nov. 1991, p. 7.
Theo Stylianides, Nov 1996

Afrikaner Student Federation

[African Student Federation flag] by António Martins, 18 Apr 1998

The odal rune is used the by the Afrikaner Student Federation.
António Martins, 18 Apr 1998

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