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Australia, the ancient land where one will find finest blend of culture and 1Up Travel - Australia - Aboroginals chainedtechnology. Australia's original inhabitants are the Aboriginals and Torres Striat Islander people. The aboriginals travelled from southern Asia and settled in Australia in around 50,000 - 60,000 years ago. Many aboriginals people in Central Australia have maintained their traditions, customs and speak the own languages.
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The search for the unknown land was a challange for European navigators in 17th & 18th centuries. The British explorer in 1770 captain James Cook sighted east cost of Australia and claimed it for Great Britain. As Britain lost its control over American colonies, it was enable to transport the convicts to these American coloines. So in 1788, 11 British ships landed in Australia on Port Jackson today known as Sydney. Tere were around 1,530 passenger among which 700 of them were convicts and rest of them were soliders to make them work and guard them.
Then arrived the free settlers to take advantage of colonial government's offer to low cost land and supplies. The British faced lot of problem with the aboriginals as the British colonist had fenced their land, the aboriginals had to now depand on them for their basic requirement.
Later as suppresion grew rosed the sprit of nationalism. The Australian started feeling strong about being Australian rather then being British. On otherhand British had great difficulty administrating these colonies as Australians had started self governing. In mid 1800 British granted the colonies the self government, now each state had their own elected legislative council and wrote their constitution.

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