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Christian Flags

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Anglican Catholic Church

[Anglican Catholic Church] by Jesús Manuel Aceves, 14 November 1998

Armenian Apostolic Church

Outside the Armenian chapel at the Tomb of Mary in the Kidron Valley in Jerusalem, I saw a white flag with a dark blue border and a cross on the center. I couldn't get a good look at the cross but it appeared to be the so-called Cross of St. James, apparently a common emblem in the Armenian church, outlined in red and with the Armenian initials for "Saint James" (which, as I recall it, resemble a U and a 3) in blue on the center. I couldn't see the design well enough to sketch it, and it's probably too complicated for my drawing skills without a scan to work from, so the verbal description will have to do. I didn't see this flag at any of the other Armenian sites I went by, only the Armenian national flag.
Joe McMillan, 14 April 2000

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Church of God of Prophecy

[Church of God of Prophecy] located by Chris Kretowicz, 19 December 2002

According to the website at this flag has been used since 1933.
Chris Kretowicz, 19 December 2002

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) is fairly widespread in the Appalachian Mountain region.
Joe McMillan, 31 December 2002

Ecumenical Catholic Church

[Ecumenical Catholic Church]  located by Chris Kretowicz, 19 December 2002

This denomination is known in California and New York.
Chris Kretowicz, 19 December 2002

Missionary Baptist Church (USA)

[Missionary Baptist Church] located by Chris Kretowicz, 19 December 2002

I don't think this flag is commonly used throughout the South (i.e., southern US), as most southern Baptist churches are Southern Baptist churches. This one is from the website of a "missionary Baptist" church, which is a small denomination with fairly limited membership. Most Baptist churches in the southern US use the basic so-called "Christian flag"--white field with red Latin cross on blue canton.
Joe McMillan, 31 December 2002

Presbyterian Church of Scotland

[Church of Scotland] by Chris Pinette, 10 June 1998

Flag of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. This flag is also used by Presbyterian churches in Canada. It is the Saint Andrew's cross with a burning bush centered, which signifies presbyterianism.

The flame is from the traditional symbol of the Church of Scotland - the burning bush seen by Moses.
Earl Fain IV, 3 June 1998

The symbol comes from the motto of the Presbyterian Church, nec tamen consumebatur (neither was it consumed) referring the bush that burned, but was not consumed, so will be the church that will last for ever.
Rob Raeside, 2 January 1999

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland has a similar flag except that there is a green mound beneath the bush and a black arch across the top of the flag.
Graham Bartram, 18 January 2002

Salvation Army

[Salvation Army] by James Dignan, 20 October 1997

I think that the flag is the same worldwide. I'm not sure about the exact dimensions, but I have made a gif which is as close to correct as I can get it from simply seeing the flag flying.
James Dignan, 20 October 1997

The Flag of The Salvation Army flies in over 100 countries. The colours are extremely symbolic:
Red for the blood of Christ
Yellow for the fire of the Holy Spirit
Blue for the purity of God the Father
Thus the flag is symbolic of the tri-une God
Anthony Cotterill, 27 June 2000

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

[International Church of the Foursquare Gospel] by Antoónio Martins, 27 July 1999

There was a Pentecostal church founded in Los Angeles by Canadian-born evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, called the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. This flag was located at a Brazilian site, a branch of the church. Translated from the site:

THE FOURSQUARE GOSPEL is compared to a jewel of unusual beauty and uses the symbolism in different colors:

Violet stands for the resplendent purple of the coming of the king (Jesus Christ).
Light blue stands for the divine cure.
Yellow stands for the sparkling gold of the baptism in the Holy Ghost.
Red stands for bright scarlet of salvation of the soul.
Missing from the explanation is the black canton charged with a red cross coupee on a white rectangle (vertical arms extending to the black background), over all a small black square with a thick sans serif "4" on it. I guess this is the logo of this International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.
António Martins, 27 July 1999

United Methodist Church

[United Missionary Church] located by Chris Kretowicz, 19 December 2002

I have seen the Methodist flag several times at the side of their private school in Fullerton, California.
Chris Kretowicz
, 19 December 2002