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Chechenia (Russia)


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[Flag of Chechenia]
by António Martins, 18 Apr 2000
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Presentation of Chechenia

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  • Name (english): Chechenia • (russian, short form): Чечня | Ĉeĉnâ • (russian, long form): Чеченская Республика | Ĉeĉenskaâ Respublika • (local, short form): Ичкерия | Iĉkeriâ
  • Local official language: Chechen
  • Capital (russian): Грозный | Groznyĭ • (english): Groznyy
  • Area: 15 000 km2 (≅5 800 sq.mi.) • Population: 608 300 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Republic (Республика | Respublika) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Northern Caucasus • Economic region: Northern Caucasus
  • License plate code: 20 • Ham radio code: CC (but DX contest code: —) • ISO 3166-2 code: CE
  • Flag adopted on 1991.11.09 • Coat of arms adopted on 1990.11.23

Disputed Status: Legally, a constituent republic of the Russian Federation. A self-proclaimed independent state was independent for three years until invaded and largely over-run by Russian forces in 1994-5.
Stuart Notholt, 1995

Status and description of the flag

After two days Moscow government recognizes the old Chechnya puppet government. The flag of the old government is adopted for Chechnya within the Russia federation?
Jaume Ollé, 02 Oct 1999

No official flag change. And as far as I can see in the TV reports everybody uses the white-red-white flag. The yellow/blue embblem with wolf and stars alos occurs, but usually not in flags. I didn't saw any red-white-red flag nor any chechen flag (neither arrangement) with crescent and star.
António Martins, 03 Oct 1999

Chechnya declared autonomous on 27 November 1990, had adopted the National flag on 23 November 1990 with stripes of red-white-red. Proclamation of Republic was on 27 October 1991, and on 1 November 1991 the new national flag with corrected stripes (white-red-white) was adopted; flag and arms were officially introduced on 9 November 1991. The stripes are equal in width. The flag is not dark green, but green, several shades are (were) in use. The badge is only on the avers. A version without badge is also used (civic flag?). The stars get smaller from the center outwards, the top point of each star points to the center of the badge, the stars are silver. The proportions were never 1:2 but different from that. If 3:5, 5:8 or 7:11 cannot be said certainly, but it is around that. As far as we know the proportions have not been fixed, and so we published a pic in Flaggenforum (No.5, January 1992) [flf] based on large pictures we have on video recordings. The resulting proportions were ca. 48:80. In that publication we misinterpreted the moon (assuming it was a sun, but in fact it is a moon). Our informations about the first flag came directly from Alexander Bassov in Kiew, a vexillologist generally quite reliable.
Ralf Stelter, Jun 1999

Though on Nov 23 1990 Chechen adopted their national flag with red, white, red stripes, I don't think this is the same flag as the flag of Government of national renovation of Chechenya with red, white, red in 1994.
Nozomi Kariyasu, 24 Jan 2000

The exact proportions of the Chechen flag, according Sayyed Hasan Musa Khadjiev (Symbols of the Chechen State) is 8:1:1:1:1.

The flag of the Chechen Republic is a rectangle that consists of the following horizontal strips: Upper is green takes up 2/3 of the flag. The next 1/3 equal strips of white, red, white and green, Three colors of the Chechen Flag: Green, White and Red have combined all the previous national pallet of colors which confirms peoples devotion to its historic traditions, which is a clear proof of continuity through generations.
Jaume Ollé, 15 Apr 2000

By virtue of the recent conflict, the Chechen flag, which is dark green in proportions 1:2 with three stripes of white-red-white at the base, is relatively well known. It remains to be seen whether this will continue to be used by any future Russian-sponsored Chechen government.
Stuart Notholt, 1995

The Flag Bulletin (Sep-Oct 1992, no. 148) [tfb] reported this flag as «state flag».
David Lewellen

About the white Khadjiev (speaking of the flag adopted 23 November 1990) say: Second color, following in significance, is white. It means peace and quiet which was so lacking in the North Caucasus, which became the arena for conflict of interests of different colonial countries because of its advantaged military strategic location. This color, as was stated earlier, occupied a dominant position on the flags during the Caucasus war. White color in the highlander costume reflected deep religious devotion and search for purity in thoughts and actions.
Jaume Ollé, 26 Jan 2000

Governement of National Renovation of Chechnya

[Flag of Chechenia]
by Andrey Jashlavwskij, 19 Jan 1999

First reports in vex Bulletins for Chechen flag with alternate bars (red-white-red instead white-red-white) they are dated from 1991. The adoption of the current Chechen national flag in its current pattern its from 23-11-1990 I believe that the design with alternate bars was a proposal rejected in the Chechen National Congress (1990) sponsorized by the pro-communist forces, and adopted by the opposition later. Certainly in the demonstrations of September 1991 many flags with alternate bars were see, but they are no national flags but party flags. This can produce the Basov mistake (several Butlletins reported the reverse striped flag as national flag). The national flag never was changed.
Jaume Ollé, 26 Jan 2000

In fact the flags with red-white-red was proposed by the opposition forces, but nationalistic forces imposed their proposal (same but white-red-white). The proposed flag remain as party flag and was later adopted by the pouppet government 1994-96.
Jaume Ollé, 26 Jan 2000

This flag has dark-green background. At bottom part of flag - 3 thin stripes (like a flag of Ichkeria, but in mirror order): red/white/red. At upper left corner — white crescent and star. It’s the flag of Governement of National Renovation of Chechnya (not Chechen Republic Ichkeria!) created on December 26, 1994, headed by prof. Salambek Hadzhiev (now — bussinesman, oil, Moscow), later by Doku Zavgayev (now — Ambassador of Russia in Tanzania). After Declaration of peace between Moscow and Grozny this governement was disbanded. Curiosly, federal soldiers during Chechen war saw never difference between flags of separatists and pro-russians chechens. I have hear they used both of them as foot-carpet in their barracks.
Andrey Jashlavwskij, 19 Jan 1999

Re-adopted loyalist flag?

[readopted chechen flag?]

This saturday I saw the interesting flag of Chechenia. It flew (along with other republican flags) near building of Soviet of Federation (upper chamber of russian parliament) in Moscow. The ratio ~2:3; stripes:

  • green - approx. 5
  • red - approx. 1
  • white - approx. 3
  • red - approx. 1
  • green - approx. 5
Victor Lomantsov, 28 Nov 2000