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Chukchia (Russia)


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[Chukchia flag]
by António Martins, 21 May 1997 and 19 Apr 2000
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Presentation of Chukchia

(Note: You need an Unicode-aware software and font to correctely view the cyrillic text on this page. See here transliteration details).

  • Name (english): Chukchia • (russian, short form): Чукотка | Ĉukotka • (russian, long form): Чукотский автономный округ | Ĉukotskiĭ avtonomnyĭ okrug
  • Local official language: Chukchi
  • Capital (russian): Анадырь | Anadyrh • (english): Anadyr
  • Area: 737 700 km2 (≅284 800 sq.mi.) • Population: 68 900 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Autonomous District (автономный округ | avtonomnyĭ okrug) within the Russian Federation
  • Federal District: Far-East • Economic region: Far East
  • License plate code: 87 • Ham radio code: CK • ISO 3166-2 code: CHU
  • Flag adopted on unkn. date • Coat of arms adopted on unkn. date

Please note that, unlike the other avtonomnii~ okruga (Taymyria, Nenetsia, Ust-Ord Buriatia, Koryakia, Perm's Komia, Khantia-Mansia, Agin Buriatia, Evenkia and Yamal Nenetsia), Chukchia is not dependent from a region or territory (it was once part of Magadan Region).
António Martins, 07 Aug 1999

Most recent maps and atlases show between Magadan Region and Chukchia the same tipe of boundary lines as between any other two normal subjects, while the border lines between, say, Koryakia and Kamchatka are different. This is so in the following sources I have at hand:

  • S^kolnaa^ karta rossii~skaa^ federacia^. Moskva, 1996 (no publisher, no codes)
  • Geografiaa^ Rossii — Atlas neselenie i qoza^i~stvo 9 klass. DiK and Drofa: Moskva, 1997. ISBN:5-7107-1212-4 UDK 373.167.1:912 BBK 26.89 (2R)a^6 G35
  • Atlas Rossii~skaa^ Federacia^. Kartografia^: Moskva, 1993. ISBN:5-85120-014-6.
Moreover, this last source lists the russian subjects in the usual order, including all autonomous districts right after their “parent” subject (Nenetsia inside Arkhangelsk Region, Ust-Ord Buriatia inside Irkutsk Region, etc.) — except for Chukchia, which appears on its own and not inside Magadan Region.
António Martins, 09 Apr 2000

In 1990 this region unilaterally upgraded itself to an Autonomous Republic.
Stuart Notholt

Description of the flag

It consists of a 1:2 azure field, with a 1:1 white triangle in the hoist (i.e., this triangle is defined by the intersection of the flag's diagonal lines), charged with a roundel of the russian flag fimbriated yellow.

  • The height of each "russian" stripe,
  • the width of the roundel fimbriation and
  • the minimum distance between the roundel and the triangle’s edge
are equal. I've measured this specifications from the cover of a russian book on regional development in the russian Far East, during my february stay in Russia. I'm very ashamed that I didnt pay enough attention to the colors (as I was especially concerned about the measures...) and therefore I'm not certain if the russian blue is the same as the background... If not, if it's really normal-blue and azure, then we have another two-shades-of-blue flag.

Altough this is an interesting and good looking flag (if one ignores the metal to metal contact...), I dislike its meaning: Being an autonomous flag, it should reflect something local and original, something genuinly chukchi; instead, the obvious simbology indicates only the icy and mineraly rich easternmost tip of Russia — a colonial flag...

António Martins, 21 May 1997

The flag of Chukotka in Russia marks its loyalty, and its geographical character. The flag is symbolically blue, standing for the water surrounding Chukotka and its rivers. It also stands for the Chukchi people, as their national colour is blue. The white in the hoist is representative of the ice, and snow, covering Chukotka for most of the year. And to prove the region as a part of Russia, this design includes the simplified version of the region coat of arms, that has the Russian flag in the center surrounded by yellow, and it being in a circle, indicating sun, hope and friendship.
Muhamed Mesic, 16 Nov 1998

The coat of arms of Chukchia

[Coat of arms]
by Chrystian Kretowicz, 27 Mar 2001 (coutesy of an excellent Canadian Site of Scott Polar Institute)

Wrangel Island

I noticed that Wrangel Island has it’s own postal issues. This island has any form of autonomy and consequently flag?
Jaume Ollé, 06 Aug 1999

No. Wrangell Island (ostrova Vrangela^) is part of Chukchia. Those stamps are issued by the Russian Postal authorities in Moscow and sold to in a few central post offices. The closest to Wrangel Island that those postage stamps ever get is in the album of japanese or alaskan philatelists... There may be a flag for Wrangell island (rather the flag of the local town — although I doubt it), but it would have nothing to do with those postage stamps.
António Martins, 07 Aug 1999