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Taymyria (Russia)

Tai~myria^, Dolgan-Nenecia^

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[Taimyr flag]
by Pascal Gross and Blas Delgado Ortiz, 06 Mar 2002
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Presentation of Taymyria

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  • Name (english): Taymyria • (russian, short form): Таймырия, Долгано-Ненеция | Taĭmyriâ, Dolgano-Neneciâ • (russian, long form): Таймырский (Долгано-Ненецкий) автономный округ | Taĭmyrskiĭ (Dolgano-Neneckiĭ) avtonomnyĭ okrug
  • Local official languages: Nentsi and Dolgan
  • Capital: Дудинка | Dudinka
  • Area: 862 100 km2 (≅332 800 sq.mi.) • Population: 43 000 inhabitants in 2000
  • Status: Autonomous District (автономный округ | avtonomnyĭ okrug) within Krasnoyarsk Territory
  • Federal District: Siberia • Economic region: East Siberia
  • License plate code: 84 • Ham radio code: TM • ISO 3166-2 code: TAY
  • Flag adopted on 2000.05.23 • Coat of arms adopted on 1998.03.25

Taymyria was set up in 1930.
Antnio Martins, 11 Mar 2000

A sparsely population region, the Taimyr Autonomous region has a population comprising five ethnic groups, Russians (Slavs), Nentsky, Yakuts, Evenki and Dolgany.
Stuart Notholt, 25 Nov 1995

Dolgans and Nenets are a different peoples (Dolgans from the turkic language group, altaic language family; Nenets from the samoyed language group, uralic language family). The territory was named after both and also after the local toponym Taymyr Peninsula. The official name is (-) (Tai~myrskii~ (Dolgano-Neneckii~) avtonomnyi~ okrug), making the short name Taymyria vary handy.
Antnio Martins, 11 Mar 2000

The islands Severnaa^ Zemla^ (Northern Land) are part of Taymyria (itself part of Krasnoyarsk Region). According to my newer Russian atlases, these islands are (very sparsely) inhabited exclusively by russians. Any local flags would be town flags (that may exist, but I doubt that it is a priority for local leaders).
Antnio Martins, 07 Aug 1999

Description of the flag

I received yesterday from the Administration of Tajmyr (Dolgan-Nenets) autonomous district of the Russian Federation the flag of this autonomous district. This flag was authorized by the Decision N 4-053-P on May 23rd, 2000. The coat of arms of this autonome district was authorized on March 25th, 1998.
Mikhail Revnivtsev, 2002 Mar 06

It shows on the light blue background a white disk (the sun?) behind the goose, and four rays on the cardinal positions.
Rob Raeside, 06 Mar 2002

In the new volume of Vexilologie (120) [vex], there is an article by Mikhail Revnivtsev [rev01] about some Russian regional flags is published. New data on Taymyr (Dolgan-Nenets) Autonomous District - no flag! (There is only the arms, blue shield with the Siberian goose and "Arctic sun" emblem, but the reported armorial banner is not official district flag.)
Jan Zrzavy, 17 Jul 2001

Incomplete report

[incorrect Taimyr flag]
by Pascal Gross, 07 Jun 2000

The source for this image was unsure.
Pascal Gross, 06 Mar 2002

Former flag?

[Old Taimyr flag]
by Rick Wyatt

The Taimyr flag has been reported as comprising three stripes of white over green over white, with a red stripe at the hoist.
Stuart Notholt, 25 Nov 1995

This flag is listed under number 127 at the chart Flags of Aspirant Peoples [eba94] as: Taimyr (Dolgano-Nenets) - North Siberia.
Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999

Also a flaf white - green - white with red band at hoist is atribued to Taymir (1992) and to the Republic of Nenets (Emblmes et Pavillons 44 [eep]).
Jaume Oll, 27 Feb 2000

This flag and Republic of Nenets are fictions! I think it is a fantasy of O. Tarnovsky...
Victor Lomantsov, 07 Apr 2000

Another former flag?

[Flag of Yamalo-Nenets]
by Zeljko Heimer, 22 Jul 1996

Taymir has blue - white - blue flag and central device (two concentric red circles).
Jaume Oll, 27 Feb 2000

This flag, in medium blue, is listed under number 86 at the chart Flags of Aspirant Peoples [eba94] as: Yamalo-Nenets (Yamals & Nenets) - North Russia.
Ivan Sache, 15 Sep 1999

This flag is a fiction! I think it is a fantasy of O. Tarnovsky...
Victor Lomantsov, 07 Apr 2000

Norilsk city
(Norilhsk | Норильск, a county-status city)

[Norislk city flag]
by Jens Pattke, 13 Sep 2002

Image from, the website of K. Mochenovs Union of Russian Heraldists.
Jens Pattke, 13 Sep 2002