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Ukraine - Naval Flags

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There are some reports of a Ukrainian naval ensign, jack and flag for the Ukrainian Border Guard.Flagmaster, 1994 showed the naval ensign as a blue cross throughout on a white field with the blue over yellow charged with the 'tryzub' (without the shield), in the canton. The flag of the Border Guard was reported as being green with a canton of blue over yellow and with the arms (golden trident on a blue shield bordered in gold). Flagmaster noted the lack of official documentation for these flags.

The war flag (naval ensign?), jack, and flag of the Border Guard are shown in colour in the latest issue of Info-bulletin, 1996. There is no explanation or documentation. The war flag is shown as a consisting of a dark blue cross on a white field. In the canton is the light blue over yellow with the arms (yellow trident on yellow bordered light blue shield) set on a white disc in the centre. The jack is light blue over yellow with the trident arms on the circle in the centre. The flag of the Border Guard is the same kind of canton set on a green field. All flags are about 2:3 in proportions.

Jos Poels posted to me more information about ensigns and jacks of the Ukrainian navy. According to information he received from vexillologists in Ukraine, the ensign and jack have not been officially adopted. Because of parliament's inability to adopt such flags, the navy has started making their own unofficial flags, often made on board. Consequently, there is a large number of designs, none of them official.
jan oskar engene, 15 September 1996

Some weeks ago I reported that Ukranie Border Guard adopted new ensign. Yesterday I received from A. Basov full info about the topic. The new ensigns adopted are:
1) Ensign
2) Jack
3) Commander in chief
4) Deputy commander
5) Naval Commander
6) Canton Commander
7) Canton commander assistent & Commander of naval departament canton
8) Commander of Naval formation
9) Division pennant
10) Senior officier afloat
11) Masthead pennant
I assume that the images will are availables soon in several bulletins.
Jaume Olle', 18 December 1999

Naval Ensign

Ukrainian Navy have 3 ensigns. I don`t know the regulation on using the ensigns. My friend from Ukraine (V.Nerubenko) saw only the flag with national colours on the ships. Possibly, other two variants are for parades and for navy-fortresses
Victor Lomantsov, 8 January 2001

by Victor Lomantsov, 8 January 2001

by Victor Lomantsov, 8 January 2001

This is the correct Navy flag, which is incorrectly labeled 'war flag'. I can assure you, that the colours and proportions are observed precisely. This Navy flag was established by spring 1918, during government of hetman Skoropads'kyi, and was restored with establishment of independence). The national blue-and-yellow flag in the canton should not have a white circle with trident.
dr. roman v. hord'eiev, 11 September 1998

by Victor Lomantsov, 28 January 2001

According to 'Pavillons nationaux et marques distinctives' [pay00], the first image is  the 'naval ensign at sea or at anchor', the second image is 'naval ensign on public holidays' and the third image is unknown.
The auxiliary vessels' ensign (dark blue with naval ensign is canton - see Auxiliary Ships), as well as the rescue vessel's ensign (same with an aqualung helmet in a white badge at lower fly - see Salvation Ships) follow the same dual pattern.
Ivan Sache, 9 January 2001

L'Album 2000 [pay00] have only the first two shown. The one without the national flag in canton is captioned "Naval Ensgn at sea or at anchor" while the one with the coloured canton is "Naval Ensign on public holidays". Possibly Mr. Nerubenko had chance of seeing the ensigns only on festive days or maybe this "cermonial" ensign is used a bit more often ?
In any case, Ukraininan naval flags are certainly and area whith many reports but few of them that would not be contradictory. I would guess that the ensign of type three above is used maybe by vessels of "guard units" i.e. a counterpart of the Russian St. Andrew's with orange ribbon.
Zeljko Heimer, 10 January 2001

It is a interesting explanation. But V.Nerybenko wrote me that he spoke with sailors. They don`t know about navy ensign without national colours".
Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001

No. 1  is for ships anchored in sea. No 2  is the ensign for holiday days. No. 3  is the ensign for navy and groups of national navy.
Jaume Olle', 27 January 2001

No. 2 appears at the collection of UA military flags at <> as navy ensign.
Victor Lomantsov and Dov Gutterman, 26 June 2002

see also image from <>, located by Michael Simakov, 15 June 1999


by Victor Lomantsov, 8 January 2001

Trident included when President is onboard

by Antonio Martins, 17 December 2002


by Victor Lomantsov, 11 January 2001

Pennant of navy ships.
Victor Lomantsov, 11 January 2001

Auxiliary Ships

by Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001

by Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001

Two flags for auxiliary ships
Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001

Salvation Ships

by Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001

by Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001

Two flags for salvation ships
Victor Lomantsov, 10 January 2001