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Travel & Tourism . Tourist Guide to the Country

US Festivals and Events


Mardi Gras
United States, 7th March, 2000
Every year New Orleans celebrates Mardi Gras, attracting visitors from all over the USA and abroad. There are parades, dancing in the streets and revellers in masks and costumes all in a spirit of wild abandon.


The 4th of July
United States, 4th July, 2000
In honour of America's victory against the British in the Revolutionary War, this holiday is celebrated throughout the country with spectacular fireworks displays. American fireworks are among the best in the world and some of the most dazzling shows take place over lakes, rivers or on the coast, where the sky is lit up without any architectural obstacles and the light is reflected from the water.


United States, 31st October, 2000
Another holiday celebrated in the USA is Halloween. Children dress up in, often, ghoulish costumes, as witches, devils and ghosts and tour the neighbourhood, usually in groups, knocking on the doors of nearby houses and saying 'trick or treat'. The owner of the house is then obliged to give the children some sort of 'treat', usually food or sweets. Failure to comply can result in the 'trick'. The night before Halloween is known as Mischief Night, when children roam their neighbourhoods making a nuisance of themselves with pranks such as ringing doorbells and running away or spreading toilet paper along fences and telephone poles. Both of these nights are somewhat unpopular with adults, but children have a great time and the tradition is probably too engrained in American tradition to be discontinued.


United States, 25th November, 2000
Thanksgiving takes place on the last Thursday of November (Nov 26 in 1998, Nov 25 in 1999). It is a festival celebrated with close family and friends. Blessings are shared and prayers of thanks are said over a meal of roast turkey, bread stuffing, roast potatoes and yams. This holiday originated in the first year after the Pilgrim Fathers arrived in the New World as a feast to thank the American Indians for their aid and advice in helping the immigrants come to grips with a new land.


Las Posadas
America, December, 2000
The Christmas Holiday, Las Posadas, Navidad and Dia de Tres Magos in Latin American culture is a season of spiritual renewal, gathering of family and friends, and colorful fiestas, including delicious foods and libation. There are variances in religious rituals according to the influence of each country's indigenous Indians, but all share a strong Latin heritage dating from the arrival of Roman Catholicism to the American Continent over four hundred years ago.


United States, 25th December, 2000
The Americans celebrate Christmas in a big way, both religiously and as consumers. Northern regions have the added bonus of wintery weather and snowfall, and a 'White Christmas' (a fairly common event in the New England area and other northern States) always adds to the atmosphere.


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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