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Expatriate Life

  • AARO - Association of Americans Resident Overseas. Represents US citizens living abroad. Our purpose is to secure, protect and improve basic American rights for US citizens overseas.

  • Accompanying Partner - Living Abroad - Survey regarding family and spouse problems for overseas workers. Participate and share knowledge on survival skills with other expatriates, spouses and families living abroad.

  • American Citizens Abroad - A nonprofit association dedicated to serving and defending the interests of individual US citizens living worldwide.

  • The American Women's Association of Vienna - A website that helps to assist American women living in Vienna, Austria. Vienna's AWA is a member of the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas.

  • Americans in Britain - Survival tips for Americans in the United Kingdom. Come share your wisdom with your compatriots.

  • Americans Living Abroad - Some of us love where we live, other cannot wait to return home. In either case it is comforting to know that others share in the same commonality of living abroad. For North Americans living elsewhere.

  • Americans Living in Europe - For North Americans living in Europe. Yahoo club.

  • Americans Living Overseas - This is the place where you meet other overseas situated Americans such as yourself. Whether you're a student, in the military, teaching, whatever, this is the place to chat, share experience and to use one another as a contact.

  • Amities France Usa Canada - USA Canadian France fans, franco-americans, french expats. Yahoo club.

  • Australian and British News - A.B.N. is a monthly magazine for English speaking people in the Netherlands or people who are interested in the Netherlands.

  • Australian Scottish Connection - Aussie Scots. Those with the best of both worlds. This is the wee gathering place for anyone with a connection to either Scotland or Australia.

  • Australians Abroad - The portal site for Australians living overseas.

  • Back in Blighty - Everything for the British expatriate, anywhere in the world.

  • BackToMyRoots.com - International workers and expats meet each other at BackToMyRoots.com. Get information about your home and working country. Communicate with other expats. Feel yourself at home abroad.

  • British Expats - Immigration information for British expats around the world. Authoritative visa requirements and policies with up to date news and discussion forums.

  • Britishexpat.com - A free newsletter for British expats interested in fun, information, travel, free stuff, money, the Internet.

  • Britons in the US - A place for those who left the 'motherland' and miss marmite.

  • Brits Abroad - A place for British expatriates or anyone interested in the British culture.

  • Brits In The States - For Brits in the U.S. One-stop source of links to everything British in the U.S. British shops, pubs, travel, news, sports & more online!

  • BritWorld - A place for British expats living throughout the world who want to talk with other British expats. Email list.

  • Canadian Connection - A site for Canadians living in the USA.

  • Canadians Living in the States - A place to talk to fellow Canadians. Yahoo Club.

  • Commonwealth Expate Club - Meet people worldwide, including from British Commonwealth countries and formerly British countries. Including expatriates. Members can expect information on immigration, cultures, cricket and some of the things which unite us.

  • Doctor Back Home.com - The opportunity for British Expats to register with a UK based GP for telephone or e-mail consultation.

  • Dragon's Roar - A wild group of military brats growing up in Tokyo's neon lights.

  • Escape Artist - "The Web site for anyone moving to another country." Practical information for expatriates, tax exiles, overseas job seekers.

  • ESL Fast Track - Works with international businesses, foreign governments and diplomats to ease the transition of moving and living overseas.

  • Expat Books - Book Service for Britons Abroad. Book supply/individual personal advice to adults/ parents for their children by childrens literacy consultant Plus all current UK BestSellers/individual book requests met

  • Expat Community of Israel - Website for the expatriate community of Israel: Yahoo! Club.

  • Expat Exchange - Newsletter for people living abroad. Forums by country or for women, men, techies, military and retirees.

  • Expat Expert - Robin Pascoe's web site for expatriates, and the home of Expatriate Press

  • Expat Focus - Expat links, currency converter and discussion forums.

  • Expat Forum - Resources, cost of living info, message board, articles and web links for folks living or working overseas.

  • The Expat Network - The web site dedicated to expatriates world wide linking you to overseas jobs, country profiles, healthcare, plus in depth articles and industry reports on issues which affect expatriates.

  • Expat Today - The online magazine giving information to expatriates and francophones since 1996. A club for those who live internationally.

  • ExpatAccess - For Expatriates in Europe. Information, discussion, and free classifieds for people moving to and living in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and UK. Job and relocation resources.

  • Expatica.com - Expatica.com provides local and international news for English-speaking expatriates living in Holland. information on Dutch laws, healthcare, housing, insurance taxation.

  • Expatindex - Information, resource and news site for British and international expatriates worldwide. Online shop with expat supplies and British food favourites for global distribution.

  • Expatlandia - Expatlandia provides services and information to the global expat community. Expatlandia is dedicated to making the expat experience successful.

  • Expat-Moms.com - Articles, bulletin boards, chat, an ezine and other resources for expatriate and repatriate moms dealing with the unique challenges of raising expat kids.

  • The Expatriate Cafe - Website for expatriates living in Spain.

  • Expatriate Clubs - Directory of expatriate clubs at Yahoo.

  • Expatriate Living at Suite101.com - Expat living is a lifestyle not a holiday. Articles and links to help you along.

  • Expatriates.com - Classified ads, resource directory, and discussion board for expatriates.

  • Expats in Bengali - Website for expatriates living in Bengali: Yahoo! club.

  • Expats In China - Dedicated to serving the international community in China. Covers news, education, travel and beyond.

  • Expats in Saudi Arabia - Living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Anything to do with obtaining visas, schooling or anything you think someone thinking of bringing out their family to the Kingdom should know about.

  • Expats Power - An portunity to chat with another expatriates working on another powerplant in another country.

  • Expats Search engine - Searchable directory for expatriates and overseas workers, rated by users.

  • ExpatSite.com - Site for expatriates in Middle East and Gulf states

  • ExpatSpouse - Community online of forums and a newsletter. Career guidance, employment and volunteer possibilities, help with family adjustment and cultural issues, and community involvement opportunities.

  • Expatvillage - Your connection for living abroad. Advice for expatriates & travellers. Helpful information about intl. relocation, dining, cultural, tourism, shopping, community, moms, city, living & working abroad. for Buenos Aires.

  • Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas Inc. - Website for the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas. This organization is one of the largest of its kind with clubs in virtually every major city worldwide.

  • FTExpat - From the Financial Times. News and resources of interest to expatriates.

  • Global Nomads International - What is a global nomad? It's a person who had an internationally mobile childhood due to their parents' work. This site collects articles and information about these individuals.

  • HamraBlues 2000 - The Lebanese Diaspora and their Foreign Friends. Humor is but one ingredient. Souvenirs of the '60s and '70s another. And cross-culture friendships a driving force

  • iAgora - A virtual community for people who live, study, or work abroad. Essays about people's experiences abroad; columns on sports, food, and humor; forums; chat; practical information and resources.

  • International Couples - This forum is dedicated to all international couples around the globe that are interested in sharing ideas worldwide, exchange experiences and provide/request information about their relationship.

  • International Living - With correspondents all over the globe, we are able to identify the best places to retire, buy real estate, to travel and to live. Articles about savvy travel, messageboards and home swapping.

  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM) - Migration Web - IOM is one of the world's leading inter-governmental agencies working with migration issues and assisting migrants around the world. Site contains information on both IOM activities and migration in general. Material in English, French and Spanish.

  • Irish Australia - A site for the Irish in Australia including The Aul' Sod newspaper online

  • Johnny Canuck - Good day, eh? Do you end words with "-our"? Do you pronounce the last letter of the alphabet "zed?" Share your experiences of living in the US with all your fellow ex-Canadians.

  • Labs Argentina - Relocation destination services to expatriate families arriving in Buenos Aires.

  • Life Abroad - A website for the expatriate community. Free bi-monthly online newsletter.

  • Living in Indonesia, Site for Expatriates-Jakarta Indonesia - Numerous articles with essential information on moving to Indonesia, housing, schooling, community contacts and more. Written by expats - for expats.

  • Living Overseas - Guidebook Series for anyone preparing to move abroad. The guidebooks provide predeparture checklists and offer expert advice on a variety of relocation issues.

  • The Moscow Expat Site - Virtual community for expats in Moscow. Business, travel, lifestyle information, community calendar, survival guide.

  • North American Connection - Organisation committed to the support of North Americans living in England. The club, while essentially social, provides a network for members as well as the practical information and means necessary for the assimilation into the English culture, customs and community.

  • Overseas Digest - Newsletter for Americans living abroad.

  • Paris Anglo - Paris-Anglo.com presents the Francophiles forums. Living, studying or working in France? These forums have lively discussions about finding a job, getting a visa, current events, sightseeing, and making friends.

  • Paris Loisirs Culturels - French/English Speaking Leisure Cultural Centre, Language courses, Painting classes, Card parties, Relaxation classes, Conferences

  • Paris Real Ale Brewery - English Brewpubs in Paris, the centre of English ex-pat social life.

  • People Going Global - International cross cultural business information.

  • PT's Underground - Permanent traveler or perpetual tourists. Discuss issues like security and finances.

  • Sapporo Information Page for Foreigners - Information on life in Sapporo, Japan

  • Say Gidday - Australian Expats can keep in touch with news and government information. Free e-mail and internet access is offered. The shops have all of those products that make you homesick: Vegemite, Minties and Cherry Ripes.

  • SoYouWanna join the Peace Corps? - Information you need to know about joining the Peace Corps, including what the Peace Corps do, the application process, how to pack, and how to stick it out during the rough times.

  • Tales from a Small Planet - The literary and humor magazine for expatriates worldwide. Featuring Real Post Reports: first-hand, uncensored reviews of nearly every major city on the planet. Links and utilities for expatriates.

  • Thailand - Publication: How to Live and Work in the Kingdom of Thailand and Calendar of Holidays

  • Third Cuture Kids- Interaction, Inc. - A website which builds a global service and support network for individuals involved in third culture issues, studies, and research.

  • Transition Dynamics - Transition Dynamics is committed to serving the children, women, and men for whom international mobility and cultural transitions are a part of daily life. Inherent in such a life are both significant challenges and opportunities for tremendous reward.

  • Transitions Abroad - Over 600 pages of hard, practical information for international travelers looking for alternatives to mass tourism. Work abroad, study abroad, live abroad.

  • UK Worldwide - Website for British expatriates, their friends and families, (and just about anyone else) to visit when they want information, goods, and services, in and about the UK.

  • UK Yankee - A site for American expatriates living in the UK, providing a network where they can exchange ideas, information, and advice to each other.

  • UKupdate.net - this site is for British expats all over the world to keep in touch with the news from the uk

  • United American Emirates- Expats Club - Website for expatriates in the United American Emirates: Yahoo! Club.

  • US-UK Couples N Families - Whether you are an Expat now living in the states, an American in the UK or one of their family members, you can discuss anything that's related to being in a US/UK relationship. Email discussion list.

  • US-UK Couples Webring - For couples that are married or engaged and have one partner a UK citizen the other partner a US citizen.

  • WinConference - The WIN Conference is a wonderful place for career-minded expatriate women to network. The women who inspire the WIN Organization are all women who work internationally and we acknowledge them as important agents of change.

  • Woman Abroad.com - The web site for women on the move. A magazine with support, chat and other resources for women living abroad.

  • Words That Work - Resource centre for expatriates. Publications, presentations and services.

  • Worldly Writers - Group of journallers who currently reside outside of their native country.

  • WorldView Publications - We provide practical information, publications and advice on international business, travel, relocation issues, and living abroad to assist companies and individuals who work internationally.

  • XPAT.net - An information and commerce network for English-speaking expatriates in Europe. The site contains local news in English, international news and news from home, events and community activities, classifieds and services.

  • Xpats.co.nz - British flavoured magazine for the expatriate, visitor and emigrating to New Zealand. Features shipping, visa applications, banking, real estate and education. Reviews of attractions for the visitor and local.

  • Yorkshire Expats - A place for all Yorkshire folk to talk about owt and nowt. Wander down Memory Lane and remember the days when you life was more simple than it is now.

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