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Djibouti Introduction

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Background: The French Territory of the Afars and the Issas became Djibouti in 1977. A peace accord in 1994 ended a three-year uprising by Afars rebels.

1UpTravel's Guide to Djibouti

Geography of Djibouti - Highlights the location, map references, area, land boundaries, climate, natural resources, land use, natural hazards, environment, and geography of Djibouti

People of Djibouti - Learn about the population, age structure, birth and death rate, sex ratio, nationality, ethnic groups, religions, languages, and literacy in Djibouti

Government and Politics in Djibouti - Profiles the country name, government type, administrative divisions, independence, national holiday, constitution, legal system, suffrage, executive, legislative, and judicial branches, political parties and leaders, and a flag description of Djibouti.

Economy of Djibouti - Study the GDP, growth rate, per capita, inflation, labor, budget, industries, exports, imports, currency, exchange rates, and economy of Djibouti

Communications in Djibouti - Browse statistics on telephones, mobile and cellular lines in use, radio broadcast stations, televisions, internet country code, ISP's, internet users, and facts on communications in Djibouti

Transportation in Djibouti - Offers statistical details on the railways, highways, waterways, ports & harbors, airports, and other facts on transportation in Djibouti

Military of Djibouti - Provides statistics on military branches, army, air force, navy, manpower, military service, expenditure, and facts on military in Djibouti

Transnational Issues of Djibouti - Explore international disputes and transnational issues of Djibouti

Maps of Djibouti - Discover a detailed map of Djibouti

Map Database of Djibouti - Browse a large collection of city, country, historical, political, thematic, and shaded relief maps of Djibouti

Flags of Djibouti - Uncover the flag images and description of the flag of Djibouti. Includes historical flags, symbols, and related information

Weather for cities of Djibouti - Browse weather forecast, hourly conditions, temperature, sunrise, sunset, and other weather related reports for the cities of Djibouti

1Up Info - Djibouti Political Geography - Encyclopedia resource provides information on the country along with its cities.


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