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Cambodia History and Culture

In the transitional period between the signing of Paris Peace Agreement in October 1991 and a free National election conducted by UNTAC in May 1993, Cambodia was governed by the Supreme National Council. Regrouping the four major parties. Administration of the country was temporarily entrusted to UNTAC, which successfully organized the elections with a large turnout of the population.

Following the installation of an interim Provisional Government, the elected constituted the Assembly adopted and promulgated on September 24, 1993 the nation's constitution, which proclaimed king Norodom Sihanouk as head of state and established the Royal Government of Cambodia within a framework of parliamentary democracy. Two Prime Ministers were appointed to present the two major parties that won the elections. This same date marks the official end of UNTAC's mandate.

Buddhist values play an important role in the lives of the people of Cambodia. Being a naturally modest people, these values are incorporated into their everyday lives and inculcated in their young. There are certain ways of behaving and certain rules to observe when visiting a Wat or a private homes, for example. A tradition which is slowly losing its place in Khmer society is the prayer-like greeting gesture called the (somplair). It is somewhat similar to the Thai Wai; it is done by putting both palms together in front of the chest and bowing one's head slightly. Nowadays, many people shake hands in the Western tradition and it is mainly the women who practice this custom.

Cambodians don't wear hats or shoes in their homes (or wats) they have to be removed and left at the entrance. The head is a sacred part of the body; it's rude to pat anyone on the head.The sign of crossing your fingers (normally regarded as a good luck sign in Western countries) is considered an obscene gesture in Cambodia.


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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