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North Korea Cuisine and Food

Insam Takgom

Insam Takgom
Guts are taken out of a hen, then glutinous rice and a root of insam is put into the hen. They are then contained in an alabaster pot or ceramic jar and boiled for a long time. It is mainly used as a tonic.


The powdered rice is mixed up with hot water and kneaded into crescent-shaped doughd which are then stuffed with filling. The doughs are spread on pine needles and steamed. Hence the name of Songphyon. Songphyon has varieties according to the fillings.
Chestnuts, sesames, jujubes or red beans are used as filling. Koreans usually eat songphyon in the Chusok(the autumn holiday).

Kkotgye(Flower-shaped crab)

Kkotgye(Flower-shaped crab)
It is one of the specialities of the West Sea. The crab gets its name from the shape of a flower. Its shell is 15cm wide and 7cm long. Its toe is unusually longer and its hind legs are flat. The boiled kkotgye is tasty and nutritious.

River Taedong Mullet Soup

River Taedong Mullet Soup
It is prepared with scalled mullet cut in pieces. Then it is put into an iron pot with cold water and pepper to be boiled hard. Pepper should be wrapped in cloth in order not to float in water. Pyongyang people served their welcome guests with this mullet soup.


Kimchi is the most famous of Korean food. Koreans eat kimchi almost everyday.
Kimchi has many varieties according to the areas or ingredients. They have an exhilarating, sourish flavour and a special aroma.
Late in autumn Koreans prepare kimchi for an important side dish for winter. It is prepared with cabbage, raddish or other vegetables mixed with pear, chestnut, red pepper, green onion, garlic, ginger and other seasonings.

Possam Kimchi

Possam Kimchi
This is widely known in Kaesong. Pine nuts, apples and pears cut in slices are put in the spiced pickled cabbage. They are all wrapped and put into a pot. When it is served, the top is cut in a shape of a cross. It gives a memorable impression.


It is one of the specialities of Kaesong. The main ingredients are glutinous rice and honey. The boiled glutinous rice is mixed with dried persimmons, boiled chestnuts, jujubes,brackens, sliced mushrooms and later with honey and soysauce. Yakbap is said to be good for a long life.

Yellow Serpent Liquor

Yellow Serpent Liquor
The non-poisonous yellow serpent is tasty and effective.
A yellow serpent is put into over 60 percent alcohol and buried until the medicinal elements come off. The liquor makes the organs of the body go smoothly. It is said to do wonders for ageing male virility. The Yellow Serpent Liquor in the Sinphyong Rest House is popular.



Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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