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North Korea Cuisine and Food

Pyongyang Naeng-Myon (Cold Noodles)

Pyongyang Naeng-Myon (Cold Noodles)
Naung-myon is made from a mix of wheat, buckwheat and potatoes. The mixing ratio varies from region to region in North Korea. In Shinuiju and Anju, potatoes predominate in the mix, while in Kaesong, wheat predominates in the mix. North Koreans are crazy about naeng-myon. After devouring a good deal of grilled meat, they consume naeng-myon as much as 200 grams!

Gasoline-Baked Clams

Gasoline-Baked Clams
Gasoline-baked clams can be found only in North Korea. Huge clams were laid on a gravel pit covered with pine leaves, gasoline from a beer bottle is then poured over the pit. He then lighted the fuel. Suprisingly the baked clams had no trace of the gasoline and are extremely tasty.

Bean Paste

Bean Paste
It is one of the traditional Korean food used by Koreans for thousands of years. Koreans have made bean paste in their families. Today it is idustrially made.
It is one of the subsidiary food as well as bean paste mixed with red pepper or soysauce with vinegar.
Bean paste adds specific flavour to the other dishes. It has higher callorific value. Everyday Koreans eat 30g to 50g of bean paste which contains of over 60 kinds of nutrients.

Soju(Rice Wine)

Soju(Rice Wine)
Soju has many varieties depending on the methods of distillation; hwaju, roju, etc. Soju can be made by individuals. Noted among soju are Kamhongno of Pyongyang, Riganggo of Hwanghae Province. Kokju(corn wine) and acorn wine are widespread. They have moderate alcoholic content and aromatic flavour.

Pyongyang Onban

Pyongyang Onban
The Pyongyang Onban is one of the famous food in Pyongyang. Boiled rice is put in a bowl and covered with green bean pancake and sliced chicken. It is served with a boiling soy soup dressed with spiced soysauce, green onion, fried eggs cut in slices, salty sesame and pepper. Spiced soysauce and nabak kimchi made of white radish are served together with the Pyongyang Onban.

Paektusan Blueberry Wine

Paektusan Blueberry Wine
It is a prestigious wine made from blueberry, a speciality of the Paektu Mountains. Blueberries grow in the Samjiyon County. Every year several thousands tons are gathered. Containing 63 percent of sugar and 1.8 percent of acidity, the wine is exhilarating with beautiful color.


Pansanggi is a set of dishes for a table. An odd number of dishes ranging from 5 to 11 are usually served(except rice and soup). Pansanggi of Kaesong is famous. The brasswares with dishes stimulates the appetite.

Kaesong Koryo Insam

Kaesong Koryo Insam
Koryo insam is better than the other kinds of ginseng for its peculiar soil, water and weather conditions.
According to the methods of processing, Koryo insam is grouped into three kinds; hongsam, paeksam and thangsam. They are all of high quality and have special medicinal virtues.
Insam protects five organs of the body and is good for brain, afterbrain, heart and blood vessels,while stimulating the internal secretory glands and promoting metabolism. Nowadays it is said that insam also prevents radioactivity and cancer.



Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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