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Bulgaria Cuisine and Food

Local Cuisine

Shopska salad

Shopska salad
A traditional salad of Bulgaria. Special ingredient, includes brined sheep's cheese, sunflower oil and other ingrediants. The ingrediants are miixed well togather, then served in the shape of a pyramid, top with chopped parsley and grated cheese. This salad is a light meal and is usually eaten during lunch.


The soup is full of nutritions. The ingredients, include yoghurt, walnuts, dill, and sunflower oil. The dish is cooked, then sprinkled with finely chopped dill, to serve. Usually eaten during lunch or dinner.

Vegetable hotch-potch

Vegetable hotch-potch
This dish is one of the favorites among the vegetarian dinners. The dish is a light meal, and preferably eaten during lunch. The ingredients mainly include vegetables and fruits.

Meat on a spit

Meat on a spit
Ingredients may vary, depending on the chef. The ingrediants mainly includes meat, lots of pepper, and tomatoe. The ingrediants are grilled, then served hot with vegetables of your own choice. Lemon juice can be sprinkled for extra taste if desired.

Shoppe style cheese

Shoppe style cheese
The cheese is baked until a crust is formed. Served while still hot, The dish is garnished with slices of tomato, parsley and chilli, before serving. The disg is a favourite among the younger generations.

Banitsa (Cheese pastry)

Banitsa (Cheese pastry)
Cheese is the main ingrediant here. Its baked, in a moderate oven. Cover with a cloth after baking, to make it soft. Delicious to be eaten for dessert.


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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