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Australia Cuisine and Food

        Meat is plentiful in Australia and makes up a large part of the people's diet. Beef is the most popular meat, followed by lamb and mutton, poultry, and pork. Australians generally prefer their food plain rather than spicy.
         Meat is usually grilled or roasted and served with potatoes and another vegetable. However, Italian, Greek, and various other European styles of cooking have become increasingly popular as the number of immigrants from mainland Europe has increased. Many Australians have also developed a taste for food from Southeast Asian countries.
         Chinese restaurants are common throughout Australia. In addition, the larger cities have a number of Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese restaurants. Tea is still a popular hot drink in Australia. However, coffee consumption has tripled since the mid-1900's, while tea consumption has declined.
           Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink. Australia's long, sunny summers and mild winters enable the people to enjoy picnics and barbecues all year round.

Multi Cultural Diversity

Multi Cultural Diversity
One of the reasons you'll find Australian food so delicious is because of its cultural diversity and rich ethnic influences. You'll be spoilt for choice - Chinese, Mediterranean, Japanese, Middle Eastern, African, Mexican, Korean - just to name a few.

Around the Australian Bush

Around the Australian Bush
If you're camping away from the city, you might want to try your hand at cooking the native dishes, or "bush tucker", as they're called. Try damper - a type of bread that's cooked over campfire coals - and wash it down with billy tea, a cuppa flavored with a couple of eucalyptus leaves.

Contemporary Australian Cuisine

Contemporary Australian Cuisine
These days, Australian cuisine is an exciting melting pot of Mediterranean and Asian flavours, especially with the emergence of the use of indigenous nuts, fruits, herbs and berries with native meats and seafoods.

Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations
With a crisp meringue exterior and a fluffy marshmallow center, all topped with whipped cream and tropical fruits, the Pavlova is a favorite Australian dessert. You might also like lamptons: squares of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate glaze and sprinkled with grated coconut.

Uniquely Aussie

Uniquely Aussie
Ever tasted kangaroo tail soup, barbecued emu, camel stew or gum-smoked crocodile? Well, these are just some of the unusual-sounding Australian dishes. Check out Vegemite, a black, grease-like yeast-extract paste that Australians love on toast or sandwiches.

Fine Wines

Fine Wines
Because most Australian states have at least one wine-producing area, wines come cheap and you'll be spoilt for choice. Stick to the award-winning ones like Penfolds. Don't forget to have a go at Australia's famous beers like Fosters and XXXX.

Fresh From The Seas

Fresh From The Seas
Australia's oceans provide a bountiful harvest not only for the country, but also for the rest of the world. Waterfront restaurants serve the famous Sydney rock oysters, abalone, king crab, Balmain bugs, barramundi (freshwater fish), tiger prawns, and yabbies (small freshwater lobsters).


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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