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Japan Festivals and Events


Aioi Peiron Festival
Aioi City, Nara Prefecture, Last Saturday & Sunday of May
A major event signifying the start of summer with a regatta at sea. The major hilghlight of the festival is the "Peiron" boat race, which dates back to the early part of this century.


Deutsches Fest
Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, First Sunday of every June
During World War I, a group of German prisoners were interned in Naruto when Japan was allied with Great Britain. They actually became friends with the local community. A German House (Doitsu-kan) was established in 1972 to commemorate this friendship. In 1918 the internees gave the first rendition of Beethoven's 9th in Japan, and ever since then, the Japanese developed a passion for it. On the first Sunday of June each year, hundreds of people join in singing the "9th" at the German House. There are also other fun-filled events that visitors can participate during this "Deutsches Fest".


New Year's (Shogatsu)
1st January, 2000
One of the most important, holidays on the Japanese calendar, is New Year's, which is celebrated for days, before and after January 1st. Starting just before midnight, temple bells are rung 108 times (8 times in the old year and 100 times in the new), for the 108 sins of the Buddhist belief. New Year's postcards (Nengajo) are delivered by the billions, usually decorated with pictures of the animal representing the new year, according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Families gather together and welcome the deity of the incoming year, (toshigami), with feasts of traditional foods including zoni, a soup containing mochi(pounded rice), traditionally served at the New Year. Children receive money in specially decorated red envelopes.


Tamaseseri(Ball Catching Festival)
Hakozakigu Shrine, Fukuoka City, Kyushu, 3rd January, 2000
The main attraction of this festival is a struggle between two groups of youths to catch a sacred wooden ball, which is believed to bring good luck to the winning team for the year.


Dezome-shiki(New Year Parade of Firemen)
Harumi Chuo-dori Street, Tokyo, January 6, 2000
The parade takes place in Harumi Chuo-dori street. Agile firemen in traditional attire perform acrobatic stunts on top of tall bamboo ladders.


Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture, 7th January, 2000
Otherwise known as the Bullfinch Exchange Festival of Dazaifu Temmangu. Hundreds of people try to get hold of " good luck " bullfinches made of gilt wood which are given away by priests. They are passed from hand to hand in the dim light of a small bonfire.


Toka Ebisu
Imamiya Ebisu Shrine,Osaka, 9-11January, 2000
Festival of Imamiya Ebisu Shrine, thousands of people pray for a successful New Year's business. " Ebisu " is the patron deity of business and good fortune. The festival features a procession of colorfully kimonoed women, carried in palanquins, through the main streets.


Sanjusangendo Temple, Kyoto, 15th January, 2000
Traditional Japanese archery contest, which falls on "Coming of Age Day" (a national holiday), the archery contest is conducted in the rear of the 118-meter-long hall of the temple, participants in traditional attire from different parts of Japan draw bows and shoot arrows at a target.



Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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