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Travel & Tourism . Tourist Guide to the Country

Japan Sports and Recreation

Golf is a very popular sport in Japan. Since the space for golf course is limited, the costs for memberships are very high. However, there are some public driving ranges throughout the country.

Suzuka Circuit
Besides hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Suzuka Circuit is also an integrated recreation facility with an amusement park complete with a racing carts circuit, roller coaster and resort facilities such as hotsprings hotels and camping sites.

All Japan Kendo Federation
Kendo (literally means the way of the sword) or simply the Japanese fencing is an ancient martial art that is still practiced widely throughout the country. Kendo is practiced by using a long Japanese sword called Katana and a parts of bamboo, Shinai.
Kendo classes are offered in most areas in Japan. A yearly event for the Kendos practitioners, the All Japan Championship is held in Tokyo, organized by the the All Japan Kendo Federation.

Karate-do (or simply Karate) is an art of self- defense, but it is also a form of physical sport. It is a combination of marvelous synthesis of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines.
Training includes the fundamentals, Kata (form), basic Kumite (sparring) and free Kumite. Most cities offers Karate lessons in the various Karate schools.

All Japan Judo Federation
Judo is an original Japan sports, a unique self- defense art originated from the art of grappling and defeating an enemy on the battlefield. The fundamental Judo techniques is to utilize the strength of the opponent to one's own advantage. Practice is usually done in white, plain Judogi, complete with a belt or an 'obi'.
The Kodokan in Tokyo is the head quarters of Judo in Japan. Representative offices in the city, suburban cities or towns that organize Judo activities in Japan are controlled by the All Japan Judo Federation.

Kyudo, (literally means the way of archery) is one of the oldest traditional martial arts and closely associated with Zen. Kyudo is a noble and refined martial art and is considered as a graceful exercise.

International Aikido Federation
Aikido an interesting form of sport. It is a blend of art, sport and religion forming into a type of martial art. This martial art is performed without a weapon as a rule, but one is required, at times to simulate an armed opponent.
Practice is usually performed in either a white Judogi with or without a Japanese Hakama (split skirt) Lessons are given in in most places around Japan.


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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