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Travel & Tourism . Tourist Guide to the Country

Greece Travel Requirements

Travellers Essentials

When To Go
The best time to visit is from mid-May to mid-June and from mid-September to the latter part of October, when the temperatures are mild. The winter months are generally fine for touring, but it’s usually too cold to swim or lie on the beach. Greece has fairly little rain year-round. The breeze that keeps the summer bearable is called meltemia.

In restaurants, it can get rather confusing, but it is customary to leave some extra change on your plate for the waiter and some other extra change on the table for the busboy. This is assuming that the service charge has already been included. If it hasn’t, standard tipping rules apply. Generally, menus in restaurants will show prices with tip on one side and without tip on the other. If you’re unsure about what has or has not been included on your bill, don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t tip cab drivers.

Passports and Visas
All visitors are required to have a valid passport of 6 months except for EU nationals with a valid national ID card and with sufficient funds for their length of stay, as well as nationals of Monaco and Switzerland with valid national ID cards.

Visa are required from most nationals. Please check with your local Greek embassy or consulate office.

Health Regulations
Codeine, which is commonly found in headache preparations, is banned in Greece and you may face prosecution if you bring it into the country.

Time Zone
Two hours ahead of GMT/UTC; three hours ahead during daylight.

The currency that is used in Greece are Drachma (Dr).

Getting There
Greece has 16 international airports and has air links to every major city in Europe. In addition, there are direct flights to and from the USA, Canada, Australia and various Asian cities. There are also frequent flights to and from Istanbul and Sofia. Cheap charter flights are available from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris to Athens, Thessaloniki and some of the islands.

By land, there are road connections from Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia. There are also trains from Macedonia and Turkey. Travelling to Greece on an Inter-rail or Eurail pass does not necessarily entail travel through Macedonia, however, as the ferry-crossing from Italy is often included in the ticket. Alternatively, take trains through Hungary and Bulgaria to avoid the trouble spots.

There are ferries from Brindisi, Bari and Otranto in Italy, and from various Aegean ports in Turkey. There are also boats from Israel and Cyprus.

Banking Hours
Mon-Thur 8 am-2 pm, Fri 8 am-1:30 pm.


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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