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Websites related to Outdoor Travel Links (Survival and Primitive Technology)

Outdoor - Survival and Primitive Technology

  • Adirondack Mountains Hunting Guide Service - Adirondack Mountain big game hunting, fishing and outdoor survival.

  • Adventure Survival: The Indigenous Way - Indigenous Survival Secrets - fire, food, water, shelter, medicinal plants, etc. Focus on jungles and sea/beach survival skills.

  • American Eagle Star - Lands available to purchase in uninhabited and remote areas. Including back country properties and the outback. Properties for the true survivalist.

  • The Attitude of Survival - A brief guide to the mental side of dealing with unexpected survival situations.

  • Aussie Fire Bow - Detailed bow drill fire lighting methods. Bow, socket, fireboard & cordage making.

  • The Big Swamp - The fictionalized biography of a man who spent his boyhood learning to live off the land and dedicated his life to preserving it.

  • Buckshot's Camp - Buckshot's Camp: Information on trapping, wilderness survival, damage control trapping, hobby trapping and just a fun place to visit.

  • Bulletproof Primitive Supply - Handcrafted slings, bows, arrows, spears, etc. Survival skills workshops and guided slingshot squirrel hunting excursions. Learn to make your own fire, equipment, etc.

  • Captain Dave's Survival Center - We've got loads of free preparedness tips covering specific disaster types, evacuation planning, food and water preservation and storage, weapons procurement, caching, first-aid and survival medicine, plus reviews of survival books and products.

  • The Caretaker - Being a Caretaker is about caring for the Earth, in true partnership with the Earth. The content and philosophy of this site is based on the Caretaker class taught by Tom Brown Jr. at the Tracker School in Feb. 1998.

  • Dining on the Wilds - Dining on the Wilds is a 7 hour 6 VHS tape video course about wild edible plants.

  • Disaster Preparation - Free info on Y2K, freeze-dried foods, generators, portable stoves and heaters, and water storage and treatment.

  • Dominion Group - A site helping people hope for the best but preparing for the worst.

  • Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database - A phytochemical and ethnobotanical database compiled by Dr. Jim Duke of the Agricultural Research Service/USDA.

  • Early Century Wildcrafting - Gathering roots, herbs, bait, craft materials, trapping, fishing, hunting for food and income as it was done in the old days.

  • Eight days in the jungle without water and food - Anton Tomazic's bad experience of climbing Mt. Nevis.

  • Exploration Products - Outdoors and survival equipment, kits and books. Everything from one piece of equipment to a completely outfitted camp for 100.

  • Find Survival Tutorials - The biggest database of free camping and survival tutorials available on the Internet.

  • Finding Your Way with Map and Compass - An illustrated guide to understanding and using topographical maps and determining direction with a compass.

  • Flip Flop Winch - Shows you how to make a powerful winch with a rope and two sticks.

  • Four hour kayak - Build a kayak in approximately 4 hours using willow or alder shoots, cordage, a 9x12 tarp and Grip Clips.

  • Henriette's Herbal Homepage - A large herbal collection with pictures compiled by Henriette Kress of Helsinki, Finland.

  • Herb Net - The Herb Growing and Marketing Network: PO Box 245 Silver Spring, PA 17575-0245 717-393-3295 Fax: 717-393-9261

  • Herbal Arts Clearinghouse - A resource for those interested in the traditional uses of wild plants.

  • Hez Sez - Preserving Our Pioneer Heritage - Promotes self reliance, self sufficiency, and independence. Fishing, hunting, survival skills, farm living, gardening, tons of "how to repair and do things", loads of crafts, a writing resource and author's showcase, auto repair, carpentry, candlemaking, sewing, wild game recipes, old-time cooking.

  • History and Primitive Technology Page - This is the place to explore, discuss, and exchange information on matters pertaining to history from the stone-age to the turn of the century.

  • Homemade Animal Traps & Snares - Instructions for making homemade animal traps and snares.

  • How to waterproof fabric: leather shoes, - Waterproofing leather is one of the easiest ways to extend its life. Learn what products are out there and how you can protect your favorite leathers.

  • Hug a Tree - After a search-and-rescue group found a 9 year old boy dead they put together an assembly program for children on how not to get lost, how to stay comfortable if they get lost, and how to be spotted and found.

  • Internet Directory for Botany - A to Z list of plants and links to botanical databases compiled by Shunguo Liu.

  • Internet Directory for Botany: Images - Many links to plant photographs.

  • Jahadi Indigenous Outdoor Adventures - Offering a wide range of tailored trips around Tasmania.

  • John Rine's Home Page - Flintknapping, Primitive survival skills, Rockhounding

  • Knife Information - Knife information and archives compiled by Pat Fogarty.

  • Knots on the Web - A collection of knotting resources.

  • Lincoln Wilderness Page - My webpage, with what I hope are useful links.

  • Mike Bennett's Primitive Web Page - How to make an arrowhead, edible wild plants, friction-fire starting, making cordage, etc.

  • A Modern Herbal - An herbal book written by Mrs. M. Grieve in 1931.

  • Mountain Man Wannabe - My stories and thoughts of the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Mountainman - What you need to know for the survival of you and your family.

  • Native American Ethnobotany Database - Foods, drugs, dyes and fibers of native North American peoples.

  • Native Tech - Articles on clay and pottery, leather and clothes, stonework and tools, weaving and cordage, food and recipes, etc.

  • Native Web - Resources for indigenous cultures around the world.

  • Neolithics - Flintknapping Supplyhouse - Offering a wide variety of rock, tools, instructional materials, and finished pieces. Craig Ratzat - flintknapper.

  • Northern Survival - Free stuff, site listing, survival directories, and more for those who wish to be strong, free, prepared, and healthy.

  • Okanagan Outdoor Survival and Wilderness Living Skills - Offering workshops in wilderness survival/native american culture/primitive skills. In the British Columbia Okanagan Valley.

  • Ol' Buffalo Preparedness Page - Online resource for learning to survive in the wilderness as well as at home in a disaster.

  • Outdoorfreizeit - von A bis Z - Diese homepage ist eine private plattform für alles was draussen spass macht, mit informationen von A-Z.

  • The Outlands WebStead - The Outlands WebStead hosts information on homesteading, survival, and other aspects of self-reliance written by people actively involved in living close to the land.

  • The Ozark Cabin Web Site - Plans for a primitive, remote cabin built in the Ozark mountains.

  • Plants For a Future - A resource center for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal, or other uses.

  • Poisonous Plants - A database compiled by Dr. Dan Brown of Cornell University.

  • Primitive camping supply list essentials - A camping supply list that explains what camping accessories you need and why.

  • Primitive Skills Gatherings - Brain-tan buckskin, fire-by-friction, stone-age pottery, basketry, weaving, wool felting, edible plants, cooking, trapping. Themes associated with a pre-metal hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

  • Primitive Technology - Primitive technology links

  • Primitive Ways - This site is dedicated to Stone Age technology, atlatl spear throwers, fire by friction, simple kayaks, bow and arrow and more.

  • Primitive Wilderness Survival Guide - A large collection of instructional information covering wilderness cooking, cordage, edible plants, fire, fishing, food preservation, footwear, hunting, hygiene, insects, flintknapping and toolmaking, medicine, pottery, shelter, tracking, trapping, water.

  • Ranger Digest - Outdoor camping and survival techniques for every situation presented by an Airborne Ranger.

  • Rocky Mountain Survival Group - Comprehensive database of self-help, self-reliance, survival, emergency preparedness, outdoor adventure and do-it-yourself information. No annoying ads, banners or frames and absolutely free, all of the time.

  • Ropers Knots Page - The knot site on real knots in rope.

  • Safety at Hiker Central - Safety and survival tips and links

  • Society of Primitive Technology - The Society of Primitive Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of primitive technology, earth skills, wilderness survival and Native awareness.

  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine - Michael Moore - Director PO Box 4565 Bisbee, AZ 85603

  • Southwest School of Botanical Medicine: Images - Links to plant photographs compiled by Southwest School of Botanical Medicine: Bisbee, AZ.

  • Start a camp fire in the rain - Start a camp fire in the rain? Read how this can possibly be achieved.

  • Sun Compass - Using a horizontal sundial as a sun compass - by John C. Fakan, Ph.D.

  • Survival Bible 2001 - Psychology of survival, deep breathing, arctic survival, desert survival, fire-making, etc.

  • The Survival Guide - A complete online survival guide. Includes locating water, food ,shelters, knives, being prepared and lots more. Plus a regions guide so you can get good survival tips and advice for anywhere in the world.

  • Survival Links - Includes survival, safety, outdoor, wild bear, avalanche.

  • Survival Mindset - Survival information for an uncertain world. Specializing in survival concerns for the 21st century.

  • SurviveThis! - Stories of survival in extreme situations. Receive money and prizes for writing.

  • Surviving a bear attack - Surviving a bear attack in the back country. What do you do in the wilderness when confronted by a bear.

  • UDAP Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray - Developed by a grizzly bear attack survivor. This site includes bear safety tips from biologists and bear experts from the US and Canada.

  • Uinta Mountains - Information site on the Uinta Mountains located in north-eastern Utah.

  • WannaLearn.com: Wilderness Survival - A collection of free, online tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented websites dealing with wilderness survival.

  • Water from a tree - Shows you how to get a survival drink from a tree.

  • Water purification - This article gives the reader a few tips on how to purify water for drinking while in a widerness environment.

  • Ways of the Ancestors - We provide educational programs in primitive technology and ancient lifeskills.

  • Web Knot Index - Knots on the web in alphabetical order.

  • Wilderness Resource List - A compilation of wilderness schools, wilderness periodicals, and wilderness listservs.

  • Wilderness Survival Guide - An illustrated guide to basic wilderness survival skills including basic survival, travel, food and water, first-aid and health.

  • Wilderness Survival Outline - A very short and easy to understand introduction to wilderness survival. It can be used as a study guide for Boy Scouts that are preparing to earn Wildness Survival Merit Badge. .

  • Wilderness Survival Skills - Troy Fales' wilderness survival page.

  • Wilderness survival techniques and tips - Generalized awareness of the skills needed to survive in a wilderness situation.

  • Wilderness Way Magazine - Primitive survival skills and earth wisdom.

  • Wildflowers and Weeds - Identifying wildflowers and weeds.

  • Without a compass? - This article teaches the compass points without the aid of a compass, use the stars, moon, and sun to determine position.

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