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United Arab Emirates Cuisine and Food

Chicken Majboos

Chicken Majboos
Arabic food can be spicy (hot) but is mostly a combination of healthy fresh foods and mouthwateringly tasty ones. For this dish, the chicken is cooked separately then the rice is served in large amount with the chicken pieces after being browned. Preferably eaten during lunch or dinner.

Kafta (Arabic hamburger)

Kafta (Arabic hamburger)
This is the Arabic equivalent to the Hamburger, except that its healthier. The best way to eat the kafta is by rolling the meat in a pitta bread adding together tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce with a generous helping of yogurt on top.


Hoummus, is a lovely dish. The dip can be served anytime, be it with pita bread, or as a vegetable dip. Hoummus makes every dinner table more enjoyable because of the flavor. It is easy and quick to make, and it is for all seasons.

Shrimp Beryani

Shrimp Beryani
This is a traditional dish of UAE. Is easy to cook and delicious to be eaten. Cooked together with shrimp and a special rice called beryani. Eaten during lunch or dinner.

De-Jaj Ta-Ha-Tah (Rice with Chicken )

De-Jaj Ta-Ha-Tah (Rice with Chicken )
A very attractive dish to present, it is usually served with plain yoghurt, sliced limes and raw sliced onion. Considered to be a modern local dish, it can be feature fish or meat instead of chicken.

Laham Mashwee ( Stuffed Lamb )

Laham Mashwee ( Stuffed Lamb )
A popular evening dish, particularly if visitors are expected, mash-wee is relatively simple to prepare, although the cooking time is quite lengthy. Mashwee can be served with a side dish of rice, but traditionally, it is served on a large round tray and covered with ra-gagg until ready to be eaten.

Dejaj Murrag / Saloona ( Chicken Stew )

Dejaj Murrag / Saloona ( Chicken Stew )
In most homes throughout the UAE, murraq is made daily and is usually served with steamed rice or ra-gagg. It is also a popular side dish accompanying fish or any main course. During Ramadan it is served with bread only and called `Fa-Reed'. Vegetables and spices can be adjusted according to personal taste. This is a traditional dish, eaten with the right hand or, in modern homes, with a spoon.

Wagafee (Iranian Leavened Bread)

Wagafee (Iranian Leavened Bread)
Traditionally made by Iranian men who are known as Khobuss Ga-rashee, this bread is cooked in a clay oven. The dough is formed into balls, then slapped across both arms five or six times to stretch the bread out. Then it is slapped against the inside of a hot clay oven and brought out the minute it begins to brown. The bread is always wrapped in a newspaper, rushed home and eaten immediately.



Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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