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Mongolia Cuisine and Food

Shaomai is a local delicacy, which has a long history in Hohhot. The visitors who come to Hohhot always have a taste of shaomai. Shaomai is characteristic of unique technique, fine raw materials, nice and thin wrappers, delicious fillings and all necessary ingredients and seasoning. The hot shaomai taken just out of the steamer gives out pleasing smell. It looks like a small soft bag when it is picked up with chopsticks, and looks like a small pancake when it is placed on the plate. It is delicious in taste and pleasing in form.

Milk Tea
Milk tea is the traditional hot drink the Mongolian. It is made by boiling the water with brick tea and fresh milk. Mongolians usually put a little salt into the milk before drinking it. Sometimes a little butter or stir-fried millet is added into the milk tea, before drinking.

Sour Milk
Generally, the Mongolian people like drinking sour milk, instead of drinking fresh milk.

Cooked Mutton
This is the delicacy which the Mongolian people like best. It is only prepared for the special occasions, such as offering sacrifices to gods or ancestors, holding weddings or celebrating the elder's birthday. When the dinner party begging, it is customary for the Mongolian people to cut a piece of meat from the fat tail first and have a taste of it.

Roast lamb

Roast lamb
Lamb is the traditional Mongolian food, which is specially prepared when a dinner party is held in honor of the distinguished guests or a great celebration is held. The roast lamb, which looks golden red and tastes quite delicious, is laid on a square wooden dish.


Acknowledgements: ASIATRAVELMART.COM

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